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Yoga Aktuell 105 - 04/2017

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YOGA AKTUELL August/September: Living connectedness in everyday life.

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Meditation - your innermost being
Those who meditate regularly and with confidence come back to the Heart. Meditation is a life exercise - awaken into everyday life! From Bhajan Noam.

Asana: Simple Satyananda Yoga!
Releasing energy blockages - the third Pawanmuktasana series can help clear neuromuscular knots in the pelvic region and spine spine. By Katharina Middendorf and Marita Kirschner.

Asana: Yoga and the Chakras
Richard Hackenberg explains exercises for the heart chakra - our emotional centre our emotional centre from which the rhythm of life springs.

Pranayama: Being in the energetic flow energetic flow - practising with the vayus
How to harmonise the interplay of the vayus through conscious breathing harmonise the interaction of the vayus and thus promote the flow of energy. By Vilas Turske.

The Intelligence of the Heart
Learning to sense: How to reconnect with inner perceptions through pratyahara and mindful touch Touch, you can get back in touch with your inner perceptions and connect more with your with your intuition. By Tobias Frank.

Mantra - Healing through word and water
Mantra expert Dr Mohani Heitel explains how the vibration of sound the vibration of the sound is transferred to water and how drinking or bathing cures mantras.

Shanta-Rasa - The Taste of Peace
Taste of Peace
How to find the taste of peace in beauty of self-knowledge of our soul, which leads us to the ground of our being to the ground of our being. By Igor Kufayev.

The Mystery of the Feminine
Why we need to reimagine creation and our spiritual path by a return to the power of the feminine. By Nina Haisken.

Two Wings of the Practice
It is one of the challenges of the spiritual path, to find the balance between discipline and devotion, effort and gentleness Gentleness. How can we catch fire without burning out? By Melanie Müller.

Living connectedness in times of global crises
Does the individual recognise his or her power and responsibility in the in the cosmic web and acts accordingly, then ignorance turns into compassion, fear into love and darkness Compassion, fear into love and darkness into light. By Janine Schneider.

Experience report - from Buddhist monk to yoga teacher
From Thailand to Sri Lanka: jungle adventures, social projects and the key to transformation - part 2 of Florian Palzinsky's autobiographical narrative.

The Yogi's Tiger on the Shaman's Path
Spaces of experience between Kaula Tantra Yoga and Shamanism: Techniques of expanding consciousness that can help us in everyday life. By Iris Disse.

Yoga and Dharma: Karuna
Compassion is like a like a soothing balm over our suffering. But how does one find access to this healing elixir? By Katchie Ananda

Anna Trökes: Yoga of Connection
A talk about the essential importance of Connection with ourselves and with others, about the key role of Mindfulness and about empathy in yoga practice. Interview: Melanie Müller.

Seane Corn: From the yoga mat out into the world
YOGA AKTUELL talked to the well-known yogini and Social activist about yoga on and off the mat and her heartfelt message Message from her heart. Interview: Sandra von Zabiensky.

Krishnataki: Compassion is our nature
YOGA AKTUELL asked the Thai yoga teacher how it is with him - and with men in general - with the self and men in general - about self-care. His answers put the topic in a larger context with the core aspects of compassion and devotion Devotion. Interview: Doris Iding.

Ayurveda for the Summer
The different constitution types also have different needs in the summer months Different needs to stay in balance during the summer months. Tips & recipes for Vata, Pitta and Kapha are revealed by Ayurveda expert Irene Rhyner. Interview: Doris Iding.

Amalaki - acute remedy against stress
The amla fruit is a real Ayurvedic treasure, which can be used to can be used to comprehensively strengthen psychological immunity. By Kerstin Rosenberg.

The "lemon of the North": the flesh and seeds of the Contain a lot of vitamin C and other health-promoting substances Substances. By Irene Dalichow.

Yoga & Health in modern science
Fit with yoga! This may not be the first thing you think of heart health. However, it stands to reason that yoga, thanks to its stress-reducing effect, yoga is also good for our heart and circulatory system. By Cordula Interthal.


The Mysteries of Easter Island
Easter Island
Excursion to the South Pacific: memories of the sunken Lemuria and mysteries of Easter Island, which lies in the immediate vicinity of the sunken continent of the sunken continent. By Dr. Manfred Ehmer.

The Upanishads - You are immortal, says death
Dr. Ralph Skuban on the mystical final part of the vedic lore - this time: the story of Nachiketa and Yama from the the Katha Upanishad.

Power places and magical places in South Tyrol
Whether you listen to nature on a hike or connect with the energy on the yoga mat the energy of the earth on a yoga mat - South Tyrol brings you back to your own to your own source. By Doris Iding.

Yoga Stuff: Mint Balm
Simple DIY tips - this time: a refreshing natural Balm that makes a wonderful loving gift. By Claudia Scholl.

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The latest from the yoga world.

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Birgit writes:
Yoga aktuell is an interesting magazine. There is a lot of information and tips on yoga. I've been reading the magazines for a while, but with the subscription I now get them directly to my home. Great! The reports and interviews are always worth reading.
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