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With a yoga bag you always have your yoga mat casually with you. At YOGISTAR you will find different yoga bags for all mat sizes. The Yoga bags offer space for your mat and other small essentials

With a yoga bag you will always have your yoga mat with you at all times

The yoga mat is a cherished yoga mat is a cherished companion for many - their island in everyday life and the special little place where they can find peace and recharge wherever they are recharge. It is a portable little oasis - and so that you can really to take it with you wherever you go, without it feeling like a ballast the yoga bag for easy transport of your yoga mat. With the yoga bag your yoga mat is with you wherever you go. Whether you're on your way to the To a yoga studio or workshop, or whether you're travelling to a yoga event, the yoga bag comes with you and offers you the right format for your Yoga mat. The yoga bag can be easily slung over your shoulder, leaving both your hands free hands free and carries hardly any weight of its own, it also acts as a protective cover for your mat as a protective cover for your mat. You want to run errands after yoga class or you go straight or you go straight from the office to the yoga studio and have the yoga mat with you all day? with you all day long? Then a yoga bag is worth a lot worth.

For every yoga mat, the right Yoga bag

Yoga mats come in a variety of lengths, widths and thicknesses (this applies the many types of mats from the YOGISTAR range! they take up different amounts of space when rolled up. No matter what size your yoga mat is, you will find a suitable yoga mat bag at YOGISTAR Yoga mat bag. Yoga bags are even available for XXL yoga mats. But not only the right yoga bag for your yoga mat - the yoga bag should also be yoga bag should also match your taste and style. That's why we have different yoga bag models to choose from.

Dirt-repellent nylon or natural cotton? natural cotton? The yoga bag is available just the way you want it!

The Variety of yoga bags from YOGISTAR starts with the material. Here you have choice between water- and dirt-repellent nylon or robust woven cotton woven cotton. Our basic yogibag models are available in these two these two versions. The yogibag basic nylon is also available in a mesh look. In our special yogibag models you will find further materials (yogibag fashion: PU synthetic leather, citybag: velour made of polyester and cotton).

Yoga bags with prints

For inspiration, a smile and a wow factor are the prints on our yoga bags The prints on our special edition yoga bags: the gods edition awaits with lovingly with lovingly designed prints of the most well-known Indian deities (Shiva, Ganesha, Lakshmi) and the yogibag OM is adorned with a beautiful, large OM in Devanagari in Devanagari. There is also the edition yogibag basic yogistar, which is a has a playful version of the YOGISTAR logo with flowers printed on it. These Yoga bags are simply a joy!

Yoga in the City: the citybag is the yoga bag with the extra style factor

The citybag is a yoga bag with extra chic. This yoga bag is probably the most elegant way to transport a yoga mat! The velour of the citybag is a beautiful fabric that looks and feels very high quality and also feels great, and the design of the citybag is more than tasteful - it just tasteful - it just looks really classy. With this yoga bag you can you can go for a nice stroll before or after your yoga class and you'll probably and you will probably attract many admiring glances.

For fashionistas and a touch of Extravagance: the yogibag fashion

Through the yogibag fashion, the citybag in our range now has competition in the In our range, because this yoga bag is also extremely stylish stylish. Of course, we didn't choose real leather for the yogibag fashion, but imitation leather (PU) yogibag fashion. The yogibag fashion could easily make it onto the catwalk but it feels especially at home in the yoga studio, because its favourite content is your yoga mat Your yoga mat... although you could also use it as an original handbag! as an original handbag!

The casual yoga bag in the Large size: maximum fun and comfort with the Maxi Bag

This Yoga bag is an all-round companion for all undertakings, excursions and everyday everyday walks - with or without yoga. The stylish maxi bag is not only not only because of its trendy look, but also because of its spaciousness. There's room for the spoils of an extensive shopping trip as well as all the important daily important everyday items and even smaller yoga mat models. The patterned lining is available in many beautiful variations. Particularly the beautiful colour combinations of this high-quality yoga bag Colour combinations.

The yoga bag for all your Ways: cotton bags with print

In our yoga bag section you will also find our popular cotton bags with different with different prints: a big OM, the beautiful goddess Lakshmi or the good-natured ganesha are available as designs, as well as the YOGISTAR logo with OM and the with OM and the motif of the "Yogifee". The spacious bags made of Offer a lot of space and are familiar to many yogis and yoginis through Yogis and yoginis who have visited the YOGISTAR stand at trade fairs (e.g. Yoga World): Originally originally produced especially for our trade fair appearances, these yoga bags were so that we have now integrated the popular bags into our range of products have integrated the popular bags into our range. The cotton bags are Oeko-Tex certified and will accompany you when shopping Shopping as well as to the yoga studio

The small and clever Alternative to the yoga bag: the carry strap

The carry strap is small, but ingenious: it ensures that your yoga mat is neatly neatly rolled, and at the same time offers you a carrying strap. The Carry Strap is the slim alternative when you don't want a yoga bag and is not only available in different colours but also in different designs (plain different designs (plain, Indian Flower, OM).

Why a yoga bag at all? A brief overview of the advantages of a yoga mat bag:

  1. Your Yoga mat is always with you in the yoga mat bag - and you still have both hands free both hands free.
  2. The Yoga bag offers a format that is tailored to a yoga mat - not found in this is not to be found in ordinary bags.
  3. In addition, there is space in the yoga bags for smaller utensils, so that you can do without a handbag you can possibly do without a handbag, if you have the yoga bag with you.
  4. Your Yoga mat is protected: If you are on the road with your yoga mat or, for example, take public transport to the yoga studio, it is protected. to the yoga studio by public transport, it is not only more practical to transport, it is also advantageous to use a yoga bag as a protective cover for the mat the mat.

In short: A yoga mat bag is ideal for all yogis and yoginis who travel a lot with their Yoga mat on the go!

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