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Aerial Yoga

Aerial yoga - often simply called cloth yoga - is the trend that lets you fly and experience yoga in a new way. You can get the equipment for...

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Yoga Blocks

Yoga blocks are among the most common aids in Hatha yoga and can be used in many ways. The yoga blocks are available in various materials such as...

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Yoga Belts

Yoga straps help to deepen the stretch in the asanas or to be able to perform difficult asanas. Yoga straps can also be used in Pilates and meet...

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Mat Overlays

Mat pads are hygienic, super non-slip pads for your yoga mat. These thin mat pads are also suitable for when you practice on someone else's...

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Yoga Carrybags

Yoga bags are the ideal transport container for your yoga mat. Always practical and convenient for on the go! Also look out for the modern design...

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Organic Yoga Mats Cleaner

The organic cleaner, specially developed for yoga mats, helps your non-slip mat to regain its radiance and cleanliness.

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Yin Yoga & Fasciatraining

Yin yoga is gentle and effective on muscles and fascia. With the right tools, you can release all tension during Yin Yoga, massage specific areas...

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Meditation Accessory

The meditation accessories from YOGISTAR cover a spectrum of very different aids for meditation.

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Meditation aids from YOGISTAR support you in your meditation practice. Discover meditation cushions with organic filling, (dis)exciting colours,...

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Cosy, protective, warming and comfortable: high-quality blankets for meditation, pranayama and leisure time!

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TriYoga Tools

Bolsters & cushions are tools that are always important in Yin Yoga and Restorative Yoga, for example, but also for all other forms of practice.

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Yoga Chair & Headstand Stool

Yoga chair is an unusual tool that enjoys great popularity. Especially for more demanding yoga exercises, a yoga chair helps immensely.

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Headstand Stool

With the FeetUp® headstand stool <br>you can stay upside down for several minutes with pleasure.

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Yoga Wheels

Stable yoga wheel for backbends and for a creative asana practice. The "yogiwheel" yoga wheel is a tool that can greatly enrich your...

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Acupressure Mats

Acupressure pads and mats can promote blood circulation with their soft needles. This helps you regain a new sense of well-being. Acupressure...

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Massage Beds & Chairs

High-quality equipment for your studio spa or for your own home spa: with this equipment, wellness can begin! Discover our massage tables and more.

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Tie Straps for Mats

To match the high-quality Yogistar yoga mats, we also offer practical straps that hold your mat together. Perfect for transport: the Yogistar...

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YOGISTAR: Your expert for yoga accessories!

Yoga accessories from YOGISTAR provide you with everything you need for a successful asana practice. All common yoga tools and props are part of the yoga equipment that you can find in our "Yoga accessories" section. Here you will also find yoga bags, fastening straps and much more

Yoga accessories for practice: aids, tools and props

Practice yoga accessories consist of equipment such as yoga straps, yoga blocks, sandbags, wedges and bolsters. We also offer yoga chairs for special needs, and the headstand stool as a great addition is also part of our range. In addition to yoga mats, yoga accessories are one of YOGISTAR's core competencies. In the area of practice accessories, we are also constantly developing optimised products that meet your needs and help you to grow beyond yourself. High-quality yoga tools from YOGISTAR have proven themselves time and again and meet even the highest demands. If you would like to delve deeper into the matter, you will find a small but fine overview of the yoga accessories in our range below.

Various yoga accessories and their applications

Yoga blocks

Yoga blocks, also known as yoga blocks, serve as a support in certain postures and give you extra distance to the floor where it is needed or when you cannot reach the floor (for example, when the hand cannot touch the floor in Trikonasana). They can also be clamped between the upper or lower legs to consciously work the muscles "against" the block. Yoga blocks are among the classic yoga accessories and are available in various sizes, shapes and materials.

Yoga straps

Yoga straps or yoga forks can bridge distances if, for example, you cannot bring your hands together in the so-called "bound" postures or cannot reach your feet with your hands in seated forward bends. A yoga belt can help you stay in a posture longer or achieve better alignment. But they can also be used to deepen stretches.


Yogabolster are used (not only, but especially often) in Restorative Yoga. They support the head and back and can also be used for passive backbends. As with all other yoga props, the possible applications are many and varied.


Sandbags are sometimes used in a similar way to bolsters (see above). However, due to its heavier weight, the sandbag has other functions. For example, it can be used to deliberately put weight on certain parts of the body.  
Yoga accessories in the form of aids are basically suitable for beginners and advanced practitioners alike: Thus, it can be usefully employed to make a posture easier to assume or to transform it into a simpler variation, but also to make postures more intense and challenging.

Yin Yoga accessories and special accessories for fascia training

While the yoga accessories listed above include the classic props used in Iyengar yoga, for example, in our extra section for yin yoga accessories and fascia training we have also compiled newer yoga tools for you to use these increasingly popular styles. Since science has been revealing more and more the important role that fascia plays in our body, yoga has also come more and more into focus: hardly any other sport can have such a positive effect on the myofascial structures. The effect is particularly strong if the practice is specifically geared towards maintaining the health of the fasciae. For this type of yoga, there are numerous aids on the market that are a useful addition to our range. The fascia roller for "unsticking" the fascial structures is included, as well as other ingenious yoga accessories that benefit them. These yoga accessories can be used for special fascia yoga as well as for the gentle exercises in yin yoga.


Yoga accessories for meditation practice

Although yoga has become famous for its benefits for physical fitness and almost every fitness studio offers corresponding courses, meditation remains an essential component within the entirety of the yogic tradition. For this reason, we also provide you with meditation equipment in our shop that will make your sessions as pleasant as possible. Here, too, you benefit from a large selection of different yoga accessories, which we would like to introduce to you briefly:

  • Meditation cushions, meditation benches or meditation stools for an upright and comfortable seat
  • Meditation timer to stop the time, individually adjustable for different intervals etc. (also very useful for breathing exercises / pranayama)
  • Blankets and other warm pads to protect against floor cold

A particularly nice selection of meditation cushions in different shapes and with different covers and motifs is also part of our range of yoga accessories as well as the other listed aids for meditation. Of course, you can get advice from our service team on meditation accessories as well as on all other products.

Other yoga accessories at YOGISTAR

One of the most popular yoga accessories in our shop are definitely the yoga bags, which store mats of all types and sizes in a practical and stylish way. After all, most yogis are often on the go with their mats - whether for a collective yoga session with friends, a session in the fresh air or training in the yoga studio. A special bag, which you can also find in our yoga accessories section, can ensure comfortable and problem-free transport. Fastening straps such as the practical Carry Straps are an alternative and above all ensure that your yoga mat does not "unroll" on its own, but remains rolled up as nicely as you left it after your practice

Massage, acupressure and much more

In addition, the soothing acupressure pads have become very popular in recent years: what at first seems a bit like a "fakir mat" has proven to be a relaxation-promoting and well-being-increasing everyday tool that promotes blood circulation and works wonders especially for back pain caused by long periods of sitting. The needle mats stimulate acupressure points all over the body. What do you have to do? Nothing more than simply lie on the mat and relax! Acupressure mats from various renowned manufacturers are available in our yoga accessories category. Special neck rolls are also available

Other wonderful massage accessories of various kinds are also waiting for you here: from massage tables, which we offer especially for equipping massage practices, to a variety of numerous sophisticated massage tools for self-massage (or for partner massage) at home, which enable you to enjoy pleasant and relaxing massage and can also be used specifically for trigger point or fascia massage.


What types of yoga accessories does YOGISTAR offer?

YOGISTAR has not only been known in the yoga segment for years, but is also an expert out of passion - for this reason you can really find everything you need for your yoga practice in our online shop. Whether yoga cushions, carrying bags for your yoga mat, massage tools or many other articles that leave nothing to be desired - your practice will be a highlight every time.

Who are yoga accessories best suited for?

Of course, all you really need for yoga is your body - but with the right accessories, you can tailor your practice to make it more relaxing, challenging or enjoyable. This applies to beginners and advanced practitioners alike: Our range offers yoga accessories for all needs.

What products are available at YOGISTAR besides yoga accessories?

YOGISTAR offers you absolutely everything you need for your asana practice. In addition to practical yoga accessories, we also have mats, clothing, cleaning products and even DVDs and music in our range. Discover our great selection and make your yoga practice a true pleasure!

How are yoga accessories shipped from YOGISTAR?

So that you can enjoy your yoga accessories as quickly as possible, we offer same-day shipping as soon as you order by 12.30pm. Within Germany, the shipment is free of charge for orders over 49€, otherwise shipping costs of 4.95€ will be charged.

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