In the Category "Nature yoga mats" the focus is on purely natural Materials: these yoga mats rely on "Nature's Best" and are environmentally friendly as well as sustainable.

Nature yoga mats are a Statement in the Sign of Green Yoga

To the Yoga also includes a conscious lifestyle, which for many means choosing opting, whenever possible, for products of natural origin - especially products that are sustainable and ecologically sound. This is, on the one hand, clearly a question of ethics as well as the Green Yoga idea, and on the other hand, many yogis and yoginis have a preference for natural natural materials also quite simply results from the stronger and more intimate Connection to nature that often develops over time through yoga. Also YOGISTAR took this step towards nature a long time ago and attaches great and attaches great importance to a wide range of natural yoga mats. YOGISTAR is always looking for new ideas on how to use natural, and ecologically compatible materials for the best practical yoga mats yoga mats and other yoga accessories. In in recent years, YOGISTAR has designed many different natural yoga mats, so that we can offer you a wide selection in this important and beautiful segment in this important and beautiful segment.

What are the different types of natural yoga mats are available at YOGISTAR?

Here the different types of natural yoga mats that you can find in this section you can discover in this section. You will of course find further details on each Yoga mat can be found in the respective product descriptions Product descriptions when you click on the mats.

  • The Yogimat Sun yoga mat:
    This top seller is a real non-plus-ultra: the Yogimat Sun offers the absolute absolute superlative in slip resistance. With an intelligently designed Latex and natural rubber mixture, generous dimensions and bright, beautiful colours it turns every sun salutation into a "Trip to Bliss". For easier transport for easier transport also available as a thin variant.

  • The Yoga Mat Yogimat Pure Eco:
    This classic is the tried-and-tested natural rubber yoga mat that YOGISTAR customers have enjoyed for years. Pure luxury from nature!

  • The Yoga Mat Yogimat Terra:
    This yoga mat combines natural rubber with a flax-cotton fabric and is therefore something very special is therefore something very special.

  • The Yogimat Jute yoga mat:
    Yes, indeed: Jute is used as the material for this yoga mat. A Model, about which you will be amazed.

  • The Yogamat Yogimat Nature / Futons:
    Cosy virgin wool is the material of choice here. It is wonderful to meditate meditate wonderfully, but also practice asanas.

  • The Yogimat Cork yoga mat:
    And once again a material that perhaps no one would have expected: the Yogimat Cork proves that cork is very well suited for a non-slip yoga mat suitable.

  • The Yogimat Travel yoga mat:
    A wafer-thin natural yoga mat made from rubber, which can be rolled up Size and can therefore be stored in any suitcase.

How well do natural yoga mats perform in asana practice? asana practice? Are they as slip-resistant as plastic mats?!

Nature Yoga mats are in no way inferior to mats made from man-made materials.... They are even particularly slip-resistant! This is especially true for yoga mats made of natural rubber Natural rubber, because this material has such a high slip resistance that hardly any That hardly any synthetic material can keep up. Only TPE and artificial rubber come close to the excellent grip performance of rubber mats Of rubber mats.
The durability of natural yoga mats depends on the individual model and its material Material. The Yogimat Sun yoga mat, for example, with its special Z.Natur" is more resistant to abrasion than other rubber mats and can easily and can easily compete with PVC.

Whoever wants a if you are looking for a yoga mat that is suitable for machine use, you are more likely to find what you are looking for in the synthetic segment, however, natural yoga mats are washable and can also be treated with a special yogamat cleaner (e.g. with the natural cleaner from YOGISTAR).

The Customer feedback on the natural yoga mats always shows great Enthusiasm. Discover the high-quality and wonderfully proven natural yoga mats from yOGISTAR natural yoga mats!

Which natural yoga mat is the right one for me?

As from the above-mentioned information about the different natural yoga mats at The various natural yoga mats in the YOGISTAR range are quite different YOGISTAR range are quite different. Therefore they cover a wide range of different different needs and enable every yogi to find a natural yoga mat that is yogi to find a natural yoga mat that suits him or her. The Yogimat Sun, for example, is absolutely ultra-slip. It is recommended for anyone who attaches particular importance to grip and who are also happy with the large dimensions of their yoga mat and its dimensions of their yoga mat and an appealing selection of radiant colours colours.
The Yogimat Pure Eco yoga mat is also very non-slip, but it is can show signs of abrasion compared to the Yogimat Sun if it is used intensively over a longer period of time (especially when practising flow styles) styles are practised). The Yogimat terra yoga mat, which also belongs to the Rubber mats, also offers a high degree of slip resistance The yoga mats made from virgin wool, i.e. the Yogimat Natur mat type, are suitable for all those who like it nice and cosy. For Restorative Yoga or classes with a lot of static asanas, they are especially recommended recommended. These natural yoga mats are also often used by yoga therapists, by Yoga therapists, seminar centres, alternative practitioners, etc. to furnish their their premises.

The Yogimat Cork and the Yogimat Jute have a special look and texture. They material, which offers good slip resistance, even if it is not quite as good as rubber rubber, they are particularly appealing to many people particularly well.

The Yogimat Travel is a natural yoga mat for those who love to travel it can be rolled up so small that it fits into any suitcase - ideal for globetrotters and for all yogis and yoginis who like to travel to yoga events.

Would you like to know more about our natural Yoga mats?

We tell you more about our natural yoga mats - if you have any questions that you that you don't find answered here or in the product descriptions, our competent service team will be happy to help you at any time advice on each mat and can help you to find the best natural yoga mat for you the most suitable natural yoga mat for you. Feel free to call us on our Service number or contact us by e-mail and ask us any questions you may have about our selection of natural yoga mats.

Your Natural yoga mat - a piece of nature to feel good
Many customers tell us that they feel especially comfortable with a natural yoga mat they simply feel particularly comfortable. These yoga mats are particularly likeable, although all other models from YOGISTAR are of course skin-friendly are skin-friendly and free of harmful substances. We wish you lots of fun with your Nature yoga mat a lot of joy in your asana practice.

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