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Fitness Mats

More power for your workouts! With the yogimat gym you have the perfect strong base that you need for your gym programme. This mat cushions your...

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This makes fitness fun: Be fit all around with the varied fitness tools for a smart training programme.

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Enjoy a wonderful massage anytime and anywhere: The practical massage tools make it possible. Refined and inexpensive!

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Gymfitstar makes you fit: with the tools from this constantly updated Fitness line, you can train the way you want to - efficiently and and varied, precise and varied.

Gymfitstar - the whole world of Fitness

Fitness has many faces and can do so much: improve your body awareness, increase your Improve fitness, refine coordination, increase flexibility and of course and, of course, build and define muscle. This often also increases energy levels and general well-being. Gymfitstar wants to help you to enjoy all the great benefits of an intelligently benefits of an intelligently designed fitness workout and to have fun and enjoy the Fun and enjoyment.

Equipment from Gymfitstar: your personal home gym! personal home gym!

Gymfitstar wants to bring fitness to where you are: with the small tools and equipment you can work out anywhere - at home and even on the go or, for example, in the or even in between workouts at the office. With Gymfitstar you can create your own small your own little home gym and always have the option of continuing your workout and always be able to keep up with it.

Gymfitstar makes it easy for you

Complicated, expensive equipment? They're not Gymfitstar's thing! With us you will find simple - yes, you could say: simply ingenious - tools, which make an effective effective training for a small price. Gymfitstar sees itself euipment is rather complementary to the gym and offers with its fitness tools of course also tools, in addition to yoga, Pilates and other forms of exercise And other forms of exercise for specific purposes (e.g. to strengthen certain muscle groups) strengthening of specific muscle groups).

What makes Gymfitstar stand out?

Gymfitstar is designed close to the practice and relies on a well thought-out conception and careful manufacturing of all products. We use only the most resilient, most suitable materials are used. The quality you can always trust the quality of your Gymfitstar equipment. In addition, Gymfitstar offers Gymfitstar offers beautiful colours and appealing designs, because the look should also Make you want to train. Gymfitstar keeps an eye on current training trends and is always and is always up to date with the latest developments in the fitness industry.

Gymfitstar is a line of the successful YOGISTAR brand and follows on seamlessly from the Success story of YOGISTAR. With Pilatesstar you not only get Top products, you also get excellent service: the tried and tested Customer service of the YOGISTAR webshop.

How to make your workout a success: Fitness tools from Gymfitstar

The Core of Gymfitstar are of course the fitness tools, which we offer in a wide variety, so that you can find the right fitness equipment for your needs Your needs. Fitness has many dimensions, and these are reflected in the in the choice of equipment. You want to tone your body? You can do this with e.g. the Sliding Disc Set. Is your focus more on training your Reaction skills? Then discover the great Ergo balls for yourself! For strength training For strength training, Gymfitstar recommends the classic kettlebell, but of course also the pleasant soft dumbbells, which are very comfortable to Comfortable to use. If you want to train both fitness and strength, the various medicine balls from the Gymfitstar range are a suitable choice Choice. But you can also do something for your sense of balance, for example with the help of the Balance Dome. And if you want to get rid of a bit of waist fat and at the same time practise the right hip swing, then get yourself the then get yourself the Gymfitstar Hula Hoop. But maybe it's not the hips at all hips, but other areas of the body that you want to pay special attention to Attention: shortened calf muscles, for example, can be treated with the ingenious calf can be made fit with the ingenious calf stretch set from Gymfitstar. Wrists can be trained with the wrist trainer and the spine can be mobilised with the help of the rotation disc spine can be mobilised with the help of the rotation disc. So you see: your Fitness training with Gymfitstar tools can be very varied.

This is how you relax with pleasure: Massage tools from Gymfitstar

After a workout, relaxation should not be neglected, because it is also part of the part of your well-being and is important for you to feel good in your body feel good. After a workout with Gymfitstar tools, you really deserve a A pampering programme! Just like our fitness tools for your workout, the Workout, Gymfitstar's massage tools are simple and effective - and most importantly and above all, they can be used anytime and anywhere! Gymfitstar offers you tools for tools for self-massage, so that you can perform trigger point massages, fascia massages and much more at any time. Ever since science and therefore also in the fitness sector, it has been recognised what an important role fasciae play for the human organism, targeted ntouching the targeted deglutination and health maintenance of the fasciae by means of special tools and And exercises has developed into a much-noted trend. Rollers and massage tools for massage are currently very popular and are indeed highly recommended indeed highly recommended. But also nub balls and head massagers continue to provide pleasant massage experiences that you won't want to miss. Also discover back massagers, massage sticks and much more...
For a soothing massage, it doesn't always have to be the sometimes expensive and time-consuming expensive and time-consuming appointment at the SPA. With the Massage Tools from Gymfitstar you have everything you need for a relaxing self-massage or partner massage

Motivated to start your daily workout start with Gymfitstar

Gymfitstar shares your enthusiasm for fitness and wants to provide you with healthy and smart Options that will keep you motivated time and time again. Workouts with brains, but also the playful factor is not too short factor is not neglected, is close to the heart of our team. Exercise should be fun, never never be too one-sided and always make a lasting contribution to your well-being. And to round off the The training, the aspects of relaxation and regeneration are also included which is why at Gymfitstar the areas of fitness and massage (see our wonderful wonderful massage tools!) both play an important role. By the way, Gymfitstar your feedback at any time: for example, do you miss a certain training tool? Training tool on our website? Let us know! Gymfitstar is constantly developing its range and is always interested in exchanging ideas. Gymfitstar stands with its equipment stands for a health-promoting, inspiring and lively training Training that takes you a little further every day!

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