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Hot yoga is practised under special conditions - and these require special yoga mats! special yoga mats! At YOGISTAR you will find special mats for hot yoga in different different designs and in surprising looks.

Why are special hot yoga mats useful? Yoga mats useful?

When doing Temperatures are high - and the sweat usually flows in torrents usually flows in torrents. For hot yoga, you need a yoga mat that is non-slip even when wet That retains its non-slip properties even when wet. Instead of a sweat-repellent Yoga mat, you also need a model that absorbs the sweat, because otherwise it will otherwise too much moisture would accumulate on the mat surface during the yoga session Mat surface during the yoga session. In the YOGISTAR range you will find various Yoga mats that absorb sweat and become even more slip-resistant when exposed to sweat even more slip-resistant. They literally use the moisture to get even more grip grip. Such yoga mats are particularly suitable for hot yoga. Compared to models in our range that have the above-mentioned properties (e.g. yogimat ultra (e.g. yogimat ultra grip, yogimat light), the special Hot Yoga yoga mats are even more yogimat light), the special Hot Yoga yoga mats are optimised for hot yoga. They do not leave you in a puddle of sweat, become more and more slip-resistant the more moisture they They absorb moisture, and most of them are even machine-washable. Hot yoga mats are thin and light and accompany you reliably through your asana sequence in hot weather your asana sequence in hot temperatures.

Here the most important criteria of a hot yoga mat for your quick check:

  • A yoga mat for hot yoga must remain non-slip even when exposed to moisture remain non-slip.
  • It a sweat-absorbing yoga mat so that you do not find yourself in a puddle during yoga mat so that you don't find yourself in a puddle while practising (let's call things as they are ;)), as they are ;)).
  • To ensure hygiene, a yoga mat for hot yoga should definitely be be easy to clean.

The hot yoga yoga mat with the hot prints

With yogimat hot yoga, the YOGISTAR range has been joined by a special hot yoga mat Yoga mat, which has already enjoyed great popularity within a very short And is gaining more and more fans among hot yogis as well as other practitioners And also among other practitioners. This hot yoga mat is made of Microfibre with a PVC underside. The super-soft microfibre surface Microfibre surface has a high absorption potential and becomes more and more Slip resistance the more you perspire. So your sweat works for you! for you!

With when it comes to a sweat-absorbing yoga mat, washability is particularly important. You can even put the yogimat hot yoga in the washing machine from time to time - making it super easy for you to keep this hot yoga mat hygienic.
The yogimat hot yoga yoga mat is available as a classic model, but also in also available in the following three design variants "yogimat hot yoga wild" with original prints:

  • Hot yoga Yoga mat yogimat hot yoga wild with leopard print
    The The look of this yoga mat speaks for itself: the yogamat yogimat hot yoga naturally a hot look, and we have taken care of that... Be wild, sleek and elegant like a leopard!
  • Hot Yoga yogamat yogimat hot yoga wild with crocodile print
    Also here the look speaks for itself. Real crocodile leather? Never! But a great Croco print? Yes of course! Welcome to the jungle...

  • Hot yoga yogamat hot yoga wild with anaconda print
    Snake prints are absolutely in at the moment. With this hot yoga mat, you don't just get any not just any skin snake print, but an anaconda style Anaconda style. This yoga mat is the real jungle queen!

A hot yoga yoga mat with a Panoramic View

Also the yogimat image is a hot yoga yoga mat: just like the model yogimat hot yoga model, it has a microfibre surface that is extremely absorbent and, with the help of even gains in slip resistance with the help of moisture. The underside of this the underside of this hot yoga mat is made of rubber instead of PVC. With this Hot yoga mat it does not get "wild" like the special looks of the yogimat hot yoga, but rather relaxing, dreamy and inspiring: The Impressions that adorn the entire format of this hot yoga mat invite you to mentally invite you to mentally travel to your favourite places.They show places of power, which you can connect with positive emotions, with inner strength, with joy of life and with the magic of nature of nature, and are therefore a daily inspiration. Whether green Green treetops, a relaxing view of the ocean or the mystical pilgrimage mountain Mount Kailash - these sceneries take you away to other realms and are always a sight and are always a sight to behold. These prints will catch the eye in every yoga studio yoga studio and at every yoga event, and awaken positive inner positive inner images that you take with you into your yoga session. With its photo prints this hot yoga mat is also visually very special.

Top features of the Hot-Yoga Yoga mats by YOGISTAR:

  1. Every Yoga mat by YOGISTAR is extremely moisture-absorbent, so that your mat can your mat even in the midst of the most sweaty yoga session on the Surface stays nice and dry.

  2. Ingenious: Your hot yoga mat from YOGISTAR becomes more slip-resistant the more sweat it absorbs! it absorbs! It really is the perfect companion for hot yogis.

  3. Not only the surface of your hot yoga mat is non-slip. Also for the Materials have been chosen for the underside, which provide very slip resistance.

  4. The Yogimat hot yoga mat can also be machine washed - the material and its the material and its low thickness make this possible without any problems. Hygiene is therefore guaranteed... no matter how much sweat was involved in the last yoga session!

  5. The Yogimat hot yoga yoga mat is free of rubber and is therefore also Yogis and Yoginis suitable who are allergic to latex.

When it gets hot, your Hot-Yoga yoga mat with you!

Your Hot Yoga yoga mat never gets too hot. It accompanies you through yourBikram yoga class or other hot yoga sessions and always serves you well Services. By the way, it doesn't bring too much ballast with it - just as you would in the hot yoga room with only light clothing, so does your hot yoga yam your hot yoga mat is lightweight (among other things, that's why it's so light and thin) so light and thin that it can easily be washed in the washing machine In the washing machine - but also the feeling of almost direct Contact with the floor, which is made possible by its thinness, is also much Appreciated by many yogis). Of course, the hot yoga mat is not used used not only by hot yogis and hot yoginis, but also by practitioners of other yoga Yoga styles also like to use it. Wherever there is a lot of sweat, a hot yoga mat a Hot-Yoga yoga mat is a particularly recommendable choice - and last but not least yOGISTAR hot yoga mats are also popular in the hot yoga sector because of their original and unique designs, YOGISTAR's hot yoga mats are a real hit beyond the hot yoga sector!

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