Acupressure pads

In the Acupressure pads" we offer you acupressure mats and additional accessories.

The acupressure pad offers Pure relaxation

An easy way to indulge in total relaxation is to use the the "akupress  relax" mat: The acupressure mat stimulates the reflex zones and the blood circulation Circulation provides a pleasant physical tingling sensation that results in a great feeling of well-being. The activation of the acupressure points through the the tiny needles of the "akupress + relax" mat is equivalent to an acupressure treatment at home, which you can do yourself at any time. And fortunately fortunately, you don't have to be a fakir to enjoy the needle mats!

Acupressure pads - rightly a success story

Acupressure pads are needle mats used to stimulate the body's acupressure points. A few Years ago, acupressure mats made a big splash. Especially in Scandinavia scandinavia in particular, the mats, which have small points, triggered such enthusiasm that in Sweden, for example, that in Sweden, for example, a large part of all households were equipped with them equipped with them. In Russia, acupressure pads have been used therapeutically for a long time therapeutic use for a long time. Acupressure mats are also very popular in Germany, because their simple, safe handling and the wonderful feeling of well-being after use The mats make them a favourite product. For legal reasons, we have to refrain from describing the possible effects of acupressure of the possible effects of acupressure pads in very general terms. We can tell you that acupressure mats have proven to be very effective for relaxation for relaxation.

Do acupressure pads squeak?

Don't worry - even though acupressure mats are often jokingly referred to as as "fakir mats", they are anything but painful painful. It is true that you may feel a slight pricking sensation at the beginning of use, but this is not painful But this is only slight and will disappear in the course of use - all users agree - all users agree - to a wonderful feeling of well-being. Since the The body weight is evenly distributed on the acupressure pad, the small needles can be the small needles can work with exactly the right intensity. The needle tips stimulate the blood circulation and thus ensure that a pleasant warmth is arises. On the energetic level, by the way, not only is the blood circulation Circulation is stimulated, but also the flow of energy, so that the Chi (or in Sanskrit: prana) can flow freely.

How do I use the I use the acupressure pad?

The The use of the acupressure pad is very simple: You simply lie down and relaxed with your back on the mat, as shown in our application photo Application photo. It is up to you whether you want to do this on bare skin or with Clothing is up to you. Most people decide to to do it with a shirt or sweatshirt.

There are also several other possible applications. Examples for the For using your acupressure pad can be found here:

  • Example 1: Lie on your back with your head, neck and shoulders on the acupressure pad neck and shoulders rest on the acupressure mat (mat lies across the body) Body).

  • Example of use 2a: Lie with the upper body lengthwise on the acupressure mat. The head is on a blanket, pillow or folded towel; the arms rest loosely beside the head rest loosely beside the head.

  • Example of use 2b: As in 2a, the head rests on a folded blanket, towel blanket, a towel or a pillow - but in this case in the supine position.

  • Application example 3: Place an indented piece of cloth under the top of the Of the acupressure pad with a rolled-up blanket or towel. Now make yourself comfortable on the acupressure mat so that your head is placed on the elevation is placed. This application combines the acupressure effect for the back of the head The back of the head with a very comfortable position
  • Application example 4: Lay the acupressure mat crosswise and and come to lie on it with the thigh area so that the mat ends just above the knees the knees. Have a comfortable mat (blanket or towel) ready for the upper body Towel) for the upper body. Variation: Also comfortable in lateral position.

How often and for how long should I use the acupressure mat?

The Acupressure Mat can be used on a daily basis. We recommend that you Slowly: in the beginning, 5 minutes per application is enough Gradually, you can lie on the acupressure pad for longer and longer for longer and longer - up to a maximum of approx. 40 minutes.

The acupressure mat from YOGISTAR: akupress relax
YOGISTAR has developed an acupressure mat that comes with 210 pretty circles each with 42 needles. That makes a whopping 8820 needles! The Acupressure mat akupress + relax from YOGISTAR has a tried and tested length and is available in various beautiful colours.

What is acupressure anyway?

In acupressure is the treatment of certain points on the body. These Points have been identified in TCM and Japanese medicine and are partly located are partly located on the main meridians. Stimulation of these points is said to have a regulating effect on areas of the body that are connected to the respective points connected to the respective points. In contrast to acupuncture, where needles are inserted into the skin, in Skin with needles, acupressure (which is considered the forerunner of acupuncture, and is therefore Acupuncture, i.e. it is older), these points are treated by pressing or pressure (cf. also the other tools that you can find here in the category "Acupressure pad"). Since the needles of the acupressure pad do not do not penetrate the skin, the use of such a pad counts as acupressure, not acupressure Acupressure, not acupuncture.

The acupressure pad - your small little wellness oasis at home

Many customers report that they no longer want to do without the acupressure pad they no longer want to do without the acupressure pad. They already look forward to the daily little The acupressure mat when they come home after a hard day, and enjoy the And enjoy the relaxing experience of using the acupressure mat and letting it and letting it take effect. Integrate the acupressure mat into your everyday life and enjoy the acupressure pad into your everyday life and enjoy the soothing application whenever you have a few Minutes of your time. The acupressure pad is a purchase that is worthwhile and will and you will enjoy it for a long time. The acupressure pad is also a great Acupressure mat is also a great idea as a gift, because you can do do something good for the person you are giving it to. We wish you relaxed times with your Acupressure pad from YOGISTAR!

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