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Yoga sets offer you the all-round package: get your perfect combination of yoga mat and aids Yoga mat and aids. You can choose from different versions that we have put together for you, that we have put together for you: from the beginner's set to the combination sets To combination sets selected by colour.

Everything you need: your Yoga set offers the right accessories

For all those who want more than just a yoga mat, a yoga set is the perfect equipment Yoga set offers you not only a non-slip mat, but also equipment that Equipment that makes your yoga practice even more varied, efficient and fulfilling more fulfilling. For example, tools such as yoga belts or yoga blocks help you to Yoga blocks help you to adapt your asana practice to your individual needs and goals even more skilfully your individual needs and goals. In the yoga set, you can add such tools to your yoga mat yoga mat and really get started with your practice start your practice. For example, bridge distances with the yoga belt from your yoga set, if you cannot grip your hands in an asana, etc., or make asanas even more Even more challenging by deepening stretches with the yoga belt to deepen stretches. You can also use the yoga block from your yoga set in a similar way: Depending on its use, it can also be used to make a yoga posture easier or to make the practice more or to make the practice even more challenging.
If you choose a yoga set that includes a meditation cushion, you'll have a comfortable cushion, you will have a comfortable and stable seat for the supreme The supreme discipline of yoga, meditation. The meditation cushion in your Yoga set helps you to sit upright for long periods of time without getting too without getting too physically tired, and thus facilitates a relaxed and relaxed and concentrated immersion in meditation.

Of course you can also choose a yoga set with a yoga mat bag. A yoga mat bag yoga mat bag is always a very useful accessory, as it allows you to easily your non-slip mat without any problems. The yoga mat bag from your yoga set has the perfect size for the yoga mat included in the set and accompanies you on your way to the yoga studio on your way to the yoga studio, to a yoga session with friends, to a yoga event, etc etc.

Of course the most popular and popular accessories in our yoga set selection Accessories for you.

Tailor-made for you: your special yoga set

You want a new yoga mat and want to choose a particular product from from our large range of yoga equipment? In this section you will find yoga set in this section: there are yoga sets with yoga mat, yoga belt and yoga block Yoga mat, yoga belt and yoga block, as well as a yoga set that only contains a mat and block we have a yoga set consisting of yogamat and bag and a yoga set with a Yoga mat plus meditation cushion in the selection. These yoga sets are available in different colours, which are of course harmoniously coordinated with the between the individual products. YOGISTAR is known, among other things, for the colour palette of its products, and we have of course drawn on this beautiful Pool of colours when putting together the yoga sets yoga sets.
Theme-specific sets are the Yoga Set Terra and the Yoga Set Cork, which are all natural materials.

The right yoga set for every Budget
The many different yoga sets that we have compiled for you here yoga sets that we have put together for you here cover a wide range of prices yoga set to the yoga set in a somewhat higher price range. The Price of each yoga set depends on the number and value of the individual value of the individual products.

Do you need a little more? The All-round Yoga Set

Do you know the beautiful motto "Don''t gobble, but gobble", today also called also formulated as "Gob big!"? The Akasha yoga set is perfect for for all those who find that sometimes more really is more, and who want a All-round carefree package that, in addition to a yoga mat, offers all the important Yoga mat, yoga block Yoga block, yoga belt and meditation cushion. This yoga set yoga mat, this yoga set contains the two most popular tools for asana practice and for asana practice and a high-quality seat cushion for meditation. In addition, the yoga set Akasha is colour-coordinated to match the Yogimat Elements Akasha the ominous fifth element, the ether (Sanskrit Akasha), in the colours purple and white In the colours violet and white. With this yoga set you can fully fully immerse yourself in your yoga practice and always be perfectly equipped.

Your yoga set consists of high-quality Equipment

For yoga set that you find in our shop are of course made from the best quality Quality products from the YOGISTAR range. High-quality non-slip Yoga mats as well as our popular bags, meditation cushions and yoga tools make up our yoga sets. So quality is the trump card for every yoga set.

A yoga set is the optimal Gift idea

You you want to give a gift to someone who has just booked their first yoga course and and still needs their first equipment? Or a friend, an acquaintance, a Family member has been flirting with yoga for a long time and just needs a little motivation to start? a little motivation to get started? With a yoga set from YOGISTAR you can give yoga set from YOGISTAR and - depending on what you want to spend - you can choose from different price range, whereby the gift will always be a "rounded" Gift will always be a "round thing".

Also for customers who do not know yoga themselves, but are simply looking for a yoga simply looking for a gift for a yoga enthusiast here in our online shop, the yoga yoga enthusiast, the yoga sets are a practical idea, because here you will already find a a complete and coherent set of products, without having to think about which which products fit together and complement each other in a meaningful way complement each other. You can''t really go wrong with a yoga set from YOGISTAR

Do you want more information about the the components of a yoga set?
With every yoga set you will find some detailed information about each individual Product that is part of the set. You can also find more information in our Category Yoga accessories descriptions of the various The mats are presented in detail in the category "Yoga mats". If you have any further questions about a yoga set, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly service team our friendly service team, who will be happy to advise you competently by phone or by telephone or e-mail.

Profit from the Yoga Set price advantage!

With yoga sets you get a price advantage compared to buying the integrated products individually a price advantage. This is especially worthwhile for multiple purchasers - for example yoga teachers for example, for yoga teachers who would like to stock up on several tools in their (e.g. yoga mats, yoga forks and blocks) and therefore order several yoga sets at once several yoga sets at the same time.

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