Discover new yoga perspectives with the headstand stool!

The headstand stool pleasantly turns your world upside down and adds exciting new perspectives to your yoga practice!

Inverted postures are no longer a problem with this ingenious tool, as the headstand stool allows you to get into the upside-down position without fear and with support. It can be integrated into the asana practice in many ways and has long since become the favourite tool of many yogis and yoginis. It makes headstand (shirshasana, also known as the "king of asanas") easier and gentler than ever before.

You can read more about the headstand stool, sometimes also called the yoga stool, here. Let's start with a few quick basics...

FAQ about the headstand stool:

What is the headstand stool used for?

With the headstand stool, an inverted position can be assumed without the practitioner having to master headstand (in yoga Shirshasana). The headstand stool provides security by supporting, facilitating balance and enabling the posture without pressure on the head or strain on the cervical spine, neck and shoulders.

Is practising with the headstand stool strenuous?

When you get into the inverted posture with the help of the headstand stool, you have to use less muscle power than when you are in the unsupported posture. Nevertheless, a certain amount of force is required to assume the posture - so the muscles also experience a training effect when practising with the aid.

Is the headstand stool stable and reliable?

A headstand stool has been carefully designed for its purpose, offering reliable stability and a high load-bearing capacity.

The headstand stool as a door opener to upside-down: why invert postures?

The Yoga Headstand Stool makes inversions easy for you. But why are inversions so desirable in the first place, and why are these upside-down postures given such prominence in yoga?

In inversion postures, the entire circulatory system is literally turned upside down. From a yogic point of view, this is considered relieving and regenerating, as the blood no longer has to be pumped up from the feet all the way back to the heart in these exercises. Experience has shown that inverted postures also have a relaxing effect on the palate.

In addition, many also appreciate the upside-down experience because of the contrast with everyday life - the heart is now in a higher position than the head and you literally look at things from a different perspective - this can be invigorating and inspiring.

Reversing postures is worthwhile...

It is therefore worth trying out inversion postures. However, it is important to find a safe way of practising. The headstand in particular is a prerequisite-rich and demanding exercise that should not be approached carelessly or without good preparation. In yoga, it is always recommended to learn Shirshasana under the guidance of a teacher. The yoga headstand stool offers the possibility to enjoy many benefits of the headstand, even if one cannot perform the actual posture, i.e. the freely practised Shirshasana, or has not yet learned it.

How much weight does the headstand stool support?

The headstand stool or yoga stool can lift quite a bit: The Feetup brand, which we offer at YOGISTAR, can support up to 400 kg - a proud weight that should relieve you of any worries. The fact that the headstand stool can actually withstand so much has been confirmed by independent testers: The product was tested by the TU Braunschweig.

Who is the headstand stool suitable for?

The Headstand Stool is designed for yogis and yoginis who like to get into the inverted posture in a safe and comfortable way. The inventor of this tool, Kilian Trenkle, had noticed in yoga classes that many practitioners have problems with Shirshasana: Most beginners and also many advanced practitioners sway, tilt, feel uncomfortable in the posture, load incorrectly or find it difficult to get into the posture at all, which is considered the "king of the asanas". Therefore, he developed an aid that makes a supported upside-down posture possible. This makes "overhead" easy and you can really enjoy it!

When better to be careful?

Although the yoga headstand stool makes the overhead posture much less risky and ensures less strain in the posture (there is no pressure on the head; the neck, shoulders and cervical spine are spared, the weight is evenly distributed), the following still applies, of course: Anyone who has severe problems in the area of the neck and shoulders or who has illnesses or pre-existing conditions that could speak against an overhead posture should refrain from using the stool or only practise with it after consulting the doctor in charge. Pregnant women should also refrain from using the tool

Can the headstand stool also be used for other asanas?

The headstand stool, which some also refer to more generally as the yoga stool, has many creative uses in asana practice. The inventor of the original headstand stool feetup has developed a whole range of exercises with the tool. For example, the yoga stool can be used in a similar way to a yoga chair, whereby the smaller size or height compared to a yoga chair is an advantage for some applications. If you are inventive when it comes to small but subtle aids in asana practice, you can integrate the headstand stool into many exercises. Some well-known yoga teachers have also noticed this and have placed the yoga stool at the centre of entire sequences. There are now even certified feetup teachers who specialise in yoga with the headstand stool.

Does the headstand stool come in different models?

Yes. We offer the original from the feetup brand, which is made of beech wood, ergonomically shaped and promises maximum comfort thanks to its comfortable cushions. This headstand stool is called feetup trainer, is made in the Allgäu region of Germany and was the inventor's original, the first on the market.

You decide which look you prefer for the feetup trainer: light or dark beech wood? And which colour do you prefer for the upholstery?

And what about the upholstery?

Speaking of upholstery: Of course the upholstery is made of imitation leather and therefore vegan!

The manufacturer gives a three-year guarantee on the headstand stool. (However, since the product is extremely robust and is manufactured with great care, we don't know of anyone who has made use of this so far)

Practising with the headstand stool is simply fun!

Have you ever tried the headstand stool? If not, discover this innovative yoga tool and enjoy a headstand that's really easy to get into and hold.

Even if you're a headstand practitioner, you'll find it's a lot of fun

Even if you have mastered the headstand freely, you will find that with the headstand stool you will experience this yoga posture in a completely different way and will probably be able to enjoy it in a more relaxed way.

The headstand stool is a really great recommendation for yoga beginners as well as for advanced practitioners!

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