Aerial Yoga is the yoga practice for those who want to try something special: The asanas asanas is a unique experience! Aerial yoga scarves for a safe and practice above the ground. Everything you need to know about this special type of Accessories, we have compiled everything you need to know for you here. Discover your yoga towel for Aerial Yoga and lots of useful information about it!

What is a yoga towel used for?

A yoga sheet, sometimes referred to tongue-in-cheek as a "yoga hammock" sometimes referred to as a "yoga hammock", is used for aerial yoga or "cloth yoga" Asanas are practised in or with the cloth attached to the ceiling. Many yoga poses can be be modified for this type of practice.

Is a yoga towel tear-resistant and safe?

Yes, a yoga towel is very robust and tear-proof, so it will carry you safely during your exercises During the exercises. The holding devices for the yoga towel are also very reliable when Very reliable if installed correctly. To ensure a safe practice and execution of the asanas with the yoga you should learn Aerial Yoga from an experienced yoga teacher Yoga teacher.

What are the special features of yoga with a yoga towel?

What it feels like to practice aerial yoga is basically something you have to experience for yourself - it is simply special! In some asanas the yoga cloth gives you a feeling of security, and gives you support, but other asanas are more strenuous and demanding with the yoga towel more demanding than when practising as usual.

The asana practice with yoga cloth: more about Aerial Yoga

Aerial yoga is the "airy" style of yoga that envelops you in a new experience - some say, only flying is more beautiful! Here, postures from hatha yoga are transferred to practising in a yoga cloth installed on the ceiling installed on the ceiling. In many postures, for example, you can consciously make use of gravity in many postures. Inverted postures, for example, are more gentle on the intervertebral discs and are very relaxing relaxing. Acrobatic elements and a playful touch - think, for example, of swinging in a yoga sling - make Aerial Aerial Yoga is a combination that appeals to many yogis and yoginis.

Similar to with traditional yoga accessories, the same is true of the Aerial Yoga sling, it can facilitate certain postures, but it can also make for a more intense practice practice. This applies, for example, to backbends, which you can simply go deeper into with a yoga cloth. In addition, the muscles are sometimes even more challenged in aerial yoga than in asana practice on the floor or on yoga mats. basically, aerial yoga is a real whole-body workout, as the flexibility of the aerial yoga mat allows the muscles to move more freely. The flexibility of the aerial yoga cloths keeps the entire muscular system constantly in action. Balance is also balance is also trained by the aerial yoga cloth

Shavasana in an aerial yoga sling - heavenly!

A particularly beautiful experience is Shavasana, the final relaxation, in the Aerial Yoga cloth. 

Wrapped comfortably in the yoga cloth and carried by its soft fabric, the relaxation posture feels simply indescribable Relaxation posture feels simply indescribably good.

Yoga towel or "yoga hammock"...

Oh yes, and of course: if you want to take the word "yoga hammock" literally, then why not if you want to take the word "yoga hammock" literally - then why not let your soul dangle in your aerial yoga sling beyond the yoga session? in your aerial yoga towel? This way, your yoga cloth really becomes a yoga hammock

Aerial Yoga and Fascia

Aerial yoga cloths provide slight compression during practice, which can have a beneficial effect on the fascia tissue which can have a beneficial effect on the fascia tissue. An aerial yoga cloth therefore has a certain massage effect.

Great popularity: Aerial Yoga has been trendy for several years!

Aerial yoga is still relatively new - and yet it has been around for many years. The fascinating method of practising in a "yoga hammock" has been enthusiastically embraced by yoginis and yogis of yogis of various styles with great enthusiasm. In the meantime, many yoga studios and even large large holiday clubs offer Aerial Yoga.

Find out more about our yoga cloths

An aerial yoga sling should be comfortable to the touch, sturdy and resilient, and also stretchy in width but firm in hang Width, but firm in the hanging direction. Our Aerial Yoga scarves fulfil all these Criteria and, of course, have the generous dimensions that an aerial yoga sling needs (the practitioner should always fit completely into the sling). The fabric of our Aerial Yoga Cloths is made of tear-proof nylon and is thick and has a nice grip.

Your Aerial Yoga sling in your favourite colour!

Of course, we offer you a wonderful choice of colours in our range of yoga cloths! The Aerial Yoga cloths are a real eye-catcher in any room or yoga studio and add a splash of colour of your choice of your choice. As a studio owner, you can combine and match different colours to suit your mood  

How do I attach my yoga towel safely?

This question has to be answered individually, as the safe attachment depends on the material, texture and And load-bearing capacity of the ceiling in question

You can find steel karabiners, Daisychains and round slings as accessories for your aerial yoga sling for your Aerial Yoga sling. With a daisychain, the height of your yoga sling can be easily adjusted easily.

Can I get yoga towels from you for my yoga studio?

You teach aerial yoga and are looking for quality equipment with aerial yoga cloths? We will gladly supply you with the desired quantity! Let yourself from our competent and friendly customer service team and benefit from our proven good service proven good service.

Are there any tips on what to look for when doing Aerial Yoga with a yoga towel?

Although aerial yoga scarves are made of a comfortable material, it can be an advantage for some some exercises it can be an advantage to wear a sleeved top instead of a sleeveless top as the the edges of the cloth sometimes provide support under the armpits - it is advisable to avoid direct friction on the skin avoid direct friction on the skin. Otherwise, the same recommendations apply to Aerial Yoga as to other yoga classes the same recommendations apply as for other yoga classes: No heavy meals shortly before practising and in case of health problems, of course, always consult the doctor in charge Doctor in case of health problems. Pregnant women should also always choose an adapted practice

Our conclusion on the yoga towel and aerial yoga!

Aerial yoga is a unique combination of aerial acrobatics, playful elements and, of course, yoga asanas Yoga asanas. No matter which type of yoga practice you prefer, the practice in the aerial yoga sling is an interesting enrichment interesting enrichment. The practice in the yoga sling can be arranged the way you like it - more challenging or quieter and more relaxing. You have many possibilities to create exercise sequences in the aerial yoga cloth (it is best to learn this from an experienced aerial yoga teacher) Aerial yoga teacher).

As a gentle full-body workout, aerial yoga has many benefits - and it's also a lot of fun! Pleasure!

So our conclusion on aerial yoga is: Simply beautiful without floating...

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