Do you like to travel and don't like to do without your yoga mat? yoga mat? Do you often travel to yoga events or take part in yoga holidays? yoga holidays? A travel yoga mat from the YOGISTAR range is your perfect companion! Companion! Our travel yoga mats meet the criteria of low weight and space-saving space-saving format (when rolled up). At the same time, of course, they offer everything everything else you would expect from a top yoga mat

The Travel yoga mat - essential for globetrotters and on-the-road yogis

We yogis have it really good.... Because yoga can be practised practise yoga almost anywhere - in the smallest hotel room as well as out in or out in nature, for example. Fortunately, you don't need any big Equipment, you just need to have a yoga mat with you. Preferably always and and everywhere - on a business trip as well as on a relaxing holiday. So that you can always Yoga mat with you at all times, a suitable travel yoga mat is recommended Travel yoga mat: a yoga mat that you can easily transport. A yoga mat is distinguished by the fact that it does not take up much space in your Space in your luggage and that it does not weigh you down too much. Also the Hygiene factor of a travel yoga mat must be as high as possible, i.e. it should should be wipeable and have a dirt-repellent material. YOGISTAR has thought of everything and offers you different travel yoga mats. Great for all those who like to go to the many yoga events, such as yoga conferences Such as yoga conferences and yoga festivals, or those who take part in yoga retreats and would like to practice there on their own yoga mat.

Checklist: Important criteria for a travel yoga mat are

  • Low weight
  • space-saving format when rolled up
  • hygienic, easy-to-clean material

The ultimate travel yoga mat: discover the yogimat travel

The yogimat travel is the ultimate travel yoga mat yoga mat par excellence. Rolled out, this non-slip mat made from natural rubber is mat is no smaller than other yoga mats, but when you roll it up, you'll be amazed be quite amazed: Now this mat is practically a "breath of nothing"! This is clearly a big advantage when travelling, because who doesn't know that? who doesn't know: the suitcase is usually too small and often already full, before half of it is even packed... The yogimat travel therefore space, so there is always a gap for it in your luggage Gap. The yogimat travel can be taken on any trip, because what other yogamat can get as thin as this one?

Extra light for travelling: the yogimat light

yoga mat

You are not so much concerned with space, but instead very much about lightness?  Then you will probably love the travel yogamat yogimat light! Our flyweight among the yoga mats does not weigh you down at all. You hardly notice the weight of this travel yoga mat weight of this travel yoga mat - but you will notice that it has a very pleasant texture and offers a great grip. A Microfibre yoga mat as a travel yoga mat is really clever!

Travelling light travel light: The travel versions of the yogimat sun and the yogimat pro

The extraordinarily popular yogamat yogimat sun yogimat sun has the motto "On to the sun" - so it almost goes without saying that we are that we have also designed a version of this yoga mat for travelling! version of this yogamat! The yogimat sun of the type "travel" has been reduced in thickness compared to the standard version, so that it can be rolled up smaller and weighs less. The same applies to the yogimat sun. The same applies to the the yogimat pro light travel yoga mat: here, too, the motto is less thickness = less circumference and less weight". The bottom Bottom line, this means more carefree travel pleasure with your yogamat Yogamat, whereby you can choose between natural rubber (yogimat sun) or TPE foam (yogimat pro). Details of these two travel yoga mats, which are excellent slip resistance, can be found in the product descriptions Product descriptions.

Gossamer thin and therefore ideal for travelling: the yogimat image as a travel yoga mat

The yogimat image yoga mat makes you want to travel Motifs makes you want to travel: It literally draws you to beautiful places, where you can where you can relax and unwind. But not only because of its wonderful Impressions, but also in a very practical way, it is a great it is also a travel yoga mat in a very practical sense: the yogimat yogimat image can compete with the yogimat travel described above, because it too is a really slim mat it is also a really slim model. Since it is extremely thin, it takes up rolled up, it takes up very little space and is therefore easy to store. By the way: If you are travelling to warm climates where you sweat twice as much during your asana practice, it doesn't matter the yogimat image will become more and more resistant to more resistant to rust the more moisture it absorbs. This travel yoga mat is tropicalised...

Alternative to the travel yoga mat: the yogitowel

The very slimmest and very lightest travel Yoga mat... is not a yoga mat. If you have very little space in your luggage or practically zero extra weight, the yogitowel is a great tip great tip. At yoga events where other people's mats are available, you can simply put it mats are available, you can simply use it on the mats there and have your own your own hygienic mat. Otherwise it can even be used as a Yoga mat replacement, as it also offers you a non-slip surface on both sides non-slip surface on both sides. The yogitowel yoga towel, which is also available as a deluxe Which is also available as a deluxe version with nubs for even more slip resistance, is also very useful when travelling because of its versatility useful when travelling. When you don't need it for asana practice, you can use it as a towel, you can use it as a towel, turn it into a beach mat or warm yourself or warm yourself with it when meditating into the sunset. Of course, it can be washed without any problems.

On to new experiences - your travel yoga mat is with you!

Travelling broadens the horizon - no matter if it's a short trip or a world tour. Your Yoga mat accompanies you, so that you can enjoy new yoga experiences in every yoga experiences in every place and find relaxation on stressful stressful professional trips. Yoga retreats and also events such as yoga festivals and yoga conferences can provide intensive yoga experiences and be a great enrichment for your practice. All these impulses on your own yoga mat, because the travel yoga mat for travel is always in your luggage always in your luggage. Your travel yoga mat is the traveller among yoga mats Yoga mats - it likes to lie with you under the stars, listening to the sound of the Under palm trees and in the sand of the desert and gives you majestic and gives you just as much security at the foot of majestic mountains as in the middle of a pulsating metropolis. And beyond the horizon there is much more - Grab your travel yoga mat and dive into new worlds.

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