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Why a Pilates Ring?

The Pilates ring is a classic Pilates apparatus developed by Joseph Pilates, the founder of the method, himself

The Pilates Ring is a classic Pilates device developed and used by Joseph Pilates himself. The Pilates Ring is a particularly effective muscle training tool for the upper arms and chest for the upper arms and chest muscles as well as for the thighs and pelvic floor muscles muscles of the pelvic floor, depending on how you position the Pilates ring (either between the hands or between the inner thighs) Inner thighs). The great thing is that the Pilates ring can be used for a large pilates exercises to additionally activate the above-mentioned areas areas mentioned above. In addition, there are also special exercises developed especially for training with the Pilates Ring / Pilates Circle have been developed. The Pilates Ring offers a resistance that is the icing on the cake for the icing on the cake for many exercises. The ring is easy and comfortable to Handling.

Which exercises can be you can do with the Pilates Ring / Pilates Circle?

  • Example of positioning between the inner thighs:
    To tighten the waistline, Pilates trainers are familiar with the roll backs, in which from a sitting position to the mat vertebra by vertebra and turning the upper To the side (alternately to the right and left, coordinated with exhalation) inhaling to return to the starting position). If you would like to add a toning of the legs to the waist workout, add the Pilates Legs, place the Pilates ring between the thighs and press the legs lightly against it press the legs lightly against it.

  • Examples of positioning between the hands:
    Another exercise for a slimmer waist is to lift the upper back sideways from the supine position from the supine position (knees bent, feet on the floor or on the ground) Feet on the floor or mat). Holding the The Pilates ring between the hands, this activates the abdominal muscles even more and also the abdominal muscles and also provides a workout for the chest muscles When standing, you can also squeeze the Pilates ring between your hands behind your back Hands (the arms are brought slightly backwards, the hands point downwards and hands pointing downwards and holding the Pilates ring). This exercises both the Biceps and triceps as well as the shoulders.

  • Another example:
    The most common positions for the ring are between the thighs or between the arms Thighs or between the arms. In this way, the Pilates ring can be especially many exercises with. However, there are other creative Possibilities of use, e.g: Kneeling on the mat, support yourself on the floor with one one hand on the floor and lift the leg on the other side sideways, stretching it upwards leg sideways, stretching it upwards, and place the Pilates ring on the leg with one hand leg (on the outside of the thigh) and grasp the other handle with your free hand with your free hand. The arm and thigh now both push against the resistance of the Pilates ring Ring, making the exercise much more efficient than without the Pilates Circle.
  • Or again, an example of using the Pilates Ring while standing:
    You can also position the Pilates Circle directly above the ankles instead of between the thighs and above the ankles and then perform side leg presses against the resistance of the ring Against the resistance of the ring (the knees are slightly bent and the powerhouse is activated) activated; press to the side against the ring at an alternating pace).

These examples represent just a few of the myriad possibilities and are and are only intended to give a first impression of how the Pilates ring can be used can be used.

Who can use the Pilates Ring?

The Pilates Ring / Pilates Circle can be used by both beginners and Advanced pilates practitioners. Both will benefit from it for their Pilates Training. Because the Pilates Ring can be used for so many different exercises, it can be integrated very well into the training of all levels.

In which variations pILATESSTAR offers the Pilates ring?

  • Metal Pilates Ring
    The Pilates ring made of metal has a diameter of 35 Centimetres (in the colour blue) and with a diameter of 30 centimetres (in the colour purple). It has anatomically shaped handles and is relatively relatively light in weight. The metal Pilates ring offers a nice Resistance, but at the same time is easy to press, so it gives neither too much nor too little too little.

  • Plastic Pilates ring
    The Pilates ring made of plastic is an alternative that is which is also stable and durable. This Pilates ring is available from us in the Colour black with grey handles and has a diameter of 35 centimetres Centimetres. It is characterised, among other things, by its high slip resistance.

  • Extra non-slip Pilates ring made of metal
    If you are looking for a metal Pilates ring that is in no way inferior to a plastic Pilates ring The plastic Pilates ring in terms of slip resistance, should opt for the extra non-slip non-slip metal ring. This Pilates ring is black in colour and has a diameter of 35 centimetres.

Addé problem zones: The Pilates ring brings you quickly in shape

Because of its high efficiency and its targeted The Pilates ring can be used excellently to fight so-called "problem zones" to fight so-called "problem zones". You want firmer upper arms or more defined thighs? With the Pilates ring you can quickly quickly. You can even work on your six pack with its help. But not only for The Pilates ring is not only useful for achieving your dream look, the Pelvic floor muscles also benefit from training with the ring.
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