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Yoga Mats - Individual

Your yoga mat basic | kids | studio just the way you like it: Have your mat individually embroidered! Your name, your mantra (print or script) or...

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Yoga Mats - Basic

Basic yoga mats are ideal for getting started in the world of yoga. Good slip resistance as well as durability and a wide variety of colours are...

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Yoga Mats - Design

Design yoga mats show in a stylish way how beautiful yoga can also be visually. Floral patterns and modern colours are sure to meet your taste with...

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Yoga Mats - Popular Favourites

The special favourites from the wide range of yoga mats. For years, these yoga mats have been very popular with beginners to professionals, from...

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Yoga Mats - Nature

Natural yoga mats meet the highest demands for natural materials. From natural rubber to jute, you always choose an almost natural yoga mat here.

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Yoga Mats - Comfort

Comfort yoga mats are particularly thick and therefore offer very good cushioning. These yoga mats are especially recommended for cooler or harder...

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Yoga Mats - Premium

Premium yoga mats combine extremely high quality, long durability even with intensive use and unique modern design. These yoga mats are suitable...

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Yoga Mats - Virgin Wool

This mat exudes a sense of security and warmth and is therefore also a popular choice for furnishing various types of practice rooms.

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Yoga Mats - Travel

Travel yoga mats are especially suitable for yoginis and yogis who don't want to miss out on yoga in their hotel room or at the beach. These...

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Yoga Mats - Studio

Studio yoga mats are very popular with yoga studio owners. The yoga mats are cheap to buy and easy to clean. The ideal basis for your daily yoga...

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Yoga Mats - Hot-Yoga

When temperatures soar and you're giving it your all in the asanas, these mats with ultra-absorbent microfibre surface really come into their...

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Organic Yoga Mats Cleaner

The organic cleaner, specially developed for yoga mats, helps your non-slip mat to regain its radiance and cleanliness.

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The yoga mat - the centre of your yoga practice

Whether you want to find your centre or test your limits, a yoga mat is literally the foundation of any asana practice: it gives you support as you flow through, security in shavasana and gently cushions your body so you can fully immerse yourself in your practice. Non-slip, skin-friendly and insulating, your yoga mat offers you a secure footing - at YOGISTAR you can also choose the material that is most comfortable for you from a wide range of products. As a proven expert in yoga mats and other equipment, we offer you everything you need for your individual yoga practice: from the right mat to comfortable yoga clothing and other accessories.

A science in itself: yoga mats for every need

Gone are the days when you just rolled out any gym mat for asana practice - now there is a wide range of models specially designed for yoga, adapted to different needs and thus offering just the right thing for every yogi and every yogini. YOGISTAR is one of the most innovative manufacturers in the yoga mat segment and has used its know-how with a lot of enthusiasm in recent years to continually develop new materials and possibilities. YOGISTAR is constantly developing new models so that everyone gets exactly the yoga mat that fits their profile, whereby personal preferences of the practitioner as well as the chosen yoga style play a role. Criteria that play a role for a yoga mat are, for example:

  • Slip resistance
  • Absorbability
  • Hygiene factor, e.g. washability
  • Environmental friendliness and sustainability
  • Durability
  • Allergenicity
  • Smoothness of the material

Decisive factors when choosing a yoga mat

For some types of yoga practice, good slip resistance is perfectly sufficient. Other forms of physical yoga, on the other hand, require above-average slip resistance. For people who sweat a lot (and of course for yoga styles that are particularly sweaty), yoga mats that still retain their slip resistance when exposed to moisture or even gain more grip as a result are recommended

Whoever practices powerful, dynamic vinyasa flows also needs a yoga mat that is very durable and resistant to abrasion, which is why not all of the ultra-slip-resistant materials are equally suitable. A beginner may prefer a different yoga mat than an advanced yogi - perhaps because they don't want to invest so much and want to start with a cheaper yoga mat. Allergy sufferers will rule out certain materials, and those who want to take their yoga mat with them frequently to events or on trips will probably prefer a lightweight one.

These examples make it clear that there are many subtle differences to consider when choosing the yoga mat that is best suited to you - the wide variety of different mats is no mere gimmick. Instead, the different models each fulfil their own tasks. YOGISTAR works with love, a spirit of discovery and care to be able to provide the perfect yoga mat for every yogi and every yogini, drawing on a wealth of experience. Our competent service team will be happy to advise you on the most suitable yoga mat for you. Of course, you will also find detailed and clear information about each yoga mat here on our website, which can help you make a decision.

Your yoga mat - just the way you like it!

In addition to the practical requirements already mentioned above, which are fully covered by the numerous models in the yoga mat segment, the design is not neglected at YOGISTAR: Your yoga session is your feel-good moment, which a beautiful look can turn into something very special. That's why it's important to us that everyone finds a mat that looks good on them. Stylish and sometimes playful design is part of YOGISTAR and can therefore be found in our selection of designer yoga mats. The wide range of colours is also worth mentioning: Whether it's your favourite colour or a trendy shade - you're guaranteed to find a design that makes your heart beat faster

For many people, the yoga mat is a favourite item, a cherished companion or an anchor in everyday life - their own little oasis that they also take with them to yoga events etc. Maybe you feel the same way about your yoga mat. Maybe you feel the same way about your yoga mat. That's why it's important to us that you like your yoga mat all around!

Looking for a sustainable yoga mat? No problem!

Ecological aspects are particularly important to you? Your yoga mat should not only be free of harmful substances and skin-friendly, but also sustainable? Then you're in the right place at YOGISTAR: we place a clear focus on environmentally friendly materials and ecologically compatible production, so that you don't have to make any compromises for your yoga practice. In our natural mat range you can choose your environmentally friendly yoga mat made of natural material from our extensive range of products.

Your yoga mat from YOGISTAR: quality from the professionals

YOGISTAR not only focuses on variety, but also on quality. Just as much care is invested in the production of each yoga mat as in the development of new models. A yoga mat from YOGISTAR is a product you can trust. Our yoga mats have proven themselves in practice for years and are used by a large number of yoga studios and renowned yoga centres far beyond Germany. YOGISTAR yoga mats are also used time and again at major yoga events.

High-quality mats for your yoga studio

YOGISTAR is the supplier of numerous yoga schools at home and abroad. If you would like to purchase a yoga mat in large quantities, the yoga teacher discount will pay off - and of course the quality of the yoga mat, because with us you will find robust and washable models that score with a high durability. Which type of yoga mat is particularly suitable for studios can be found in the brief overviews of each yoga mat

The YOGISTAR charity project: yoga mats for a good cause

"Off the mat" is an important motto in yoga, and from the values and ethical foundations of the yoga philosophy, we also have the desire to support charitable projects. With the purchase of each yoga mat you also make a small contribution. Besides financial means, we also provide yoga mats for the social projects we support. You can find out more about our charity commitment in the corresponding extra section

All about the yoga mat

The yoga mat is the core product at YOGISTAR and literally the foundation of your practice. If you only want to buy one product for yoga, then it's probably a good yoga mat, because it's the absolute basic. However, at YOGISTAR you can also find numerous accessories, ranging from practical yoga mat bags (suitable for all mat types) to carry straps and yoga mat cleaners and much more. You can also get pads for your yoga mat from us. If you want even more yoga equipment, be sure to check out our range of accessories: there, of course, you'll find all the usual aids for asana practice, which you can use to expand and refine the practice sequences you experience on your yoga mat.


Which yoga mat is right for me?

Choosing the right yoga mat may not be that easy. First of all, you should be clear about the demands you place on your new mat. Of course, our YOGISTAR experts will be happy to help you with this. Once the basic characteristics have been determined, you can choose the design as you wish - which is probably still not so easy with our large selection..

Are there any discount offers on a yoga mat?

YOGISTAR offers seasonal specials as well as weekly highlights. If you sign up for our newsletter, you will also receive a 5€ discount if you order for at least 49€. So in addition to our excellent price-performance ratio, you can save a little every now and then. Keep your eyes open!

What material are yoga mats from YOGISTAR made of?

All our mats have one thing in common - superior quality and a beautiful design. As far as the material is concerned, you can choose almost anything. Of course, we have models made of PVC with Eco-Text Standard 100, but also mats made of pure new wool, cork, natural rubber or other skin- and environmentally-friendly materials.

What products does YOGISTAR offer besides the yoga mat?

For years, YOGISTAR has specialised in everything yogis and yoginis need for their practices. That is why you will not only find a large selection of different mats, but also meditation cushions, yoga clothing, headstand stools, yoga mat cleaners and much more. In addition, you will also find many products for your general well-being in our range - such as accupressure mats or Pilates accessories.

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