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Yin Yoga & Fascia training are the big trends of recent times. The equipment for Yin Yoga as well as for Fascia Training, as well as many exercise With valuable instructions and suggestions for both forms of exercise YOGISTAR is the place to find them.

Yin Yoga and Fascia Training in the Trend

Yin yoga and fascia training are a continuing trend. Hardly any other form of yoga has been talked about as much in recent months as yin yoga Yoga, and fascia training is also experiencing quite considerable interest. Yin Yoga as a gentle counterbalance to an often hectic and strenuous everyday life as well as an antithesis and complement to a dynamic, more demanding yoga practice Yoga practice is becoming more and more popular. Yin Yoga can bring the practitioner deeply in touch with themselves.

For many, yin yoga is an intense experience that they no longer want to miss they would not want to miss. With its long held asanas, yin yoga is a form of yoga that works particularly well with fascial training can be combined particularly well with fascia training. Fascia training can different forms and can be integrated into many types of workouts integrated. But no matter which form of fascia training you do - in any case, scientific Scientific findings show that fascia training does the body a lot of good body with sensible fascia training, because the fasciae play a much more important role for the The fasciae play a much greater role for the organism than was assumed until a few years ago. The more that is known about how important the fascial structures are for our Body and what a difference it can make to keep these structures elastic, the more elasticity, the more popularity there is for targeted training of the fasciae Fasciae. Fascia training is now offered in many yoga schools and fitness Fitness studios.

Brief info: What is Yin Yoga?

Yin yoga is a form of asana practice in which you generally spend several several minutes in each posture. Yin stands for the principle, which in contrast to the dynamic and active male principle of yang Yang principle, the qualities of passivity and receptivity are assigned to yin which also characterise Yin Yoga. By holding the asanas for a long the effects of the asanas can fully unfold. In Yin Yoga the body is Yin Yoga stretches the body wonderfully, while the use of muscular strength is Takes a back seat. The back usually remains rounded in yin yoga, i.e. it is consciously is deliberately not straightened as is usually the case in yoga. The meditative Component of the quiet practice in Yin Yoga and the aspect that the mental and energetic the mental and energetic effects of the various yoga postures are particularly Yin Yoga is a form of exercise that many practitioners find very effective, which many practitioners find very relaxing, nourishing and touching touching.

Brief info: what is Fascia Training?

Fascia training is the term used to describe targeted exercises for the soft tissue components of the Connective tissue, which act like a shell in which our muscles and organs are embedded and organs are embedded in. Fascia training aims to and to keep them elastic. For this purpose, fascial training the fascia tissue so that it is once again evenly flooded with fluid evenly flooded with fluid. Fascia training can thus make an important contribution to maintaining the body's mobility and can even and in many cases can even alleviate or prevent pain in the musculoskeletal system or prevent them, as they are often connected to the fascia tissue. Fascia training, just like yoga, can be done without a lot of materials. However, some tools have proven to be useful, e.g. the Fascia roller.

Rollers for Yin Yoga and Fascia Training

Probably the best-known aid for fascia training is the fascia roller, which can also be used for Pilates and Yin Yoga. The Foam roller can be used to massage the fascial structures of the connective Connective tissue, to remove adhesions and to regenerate them. It is possible to exercises can be done with the fascia roller, including exercises to improve sensory Improvement of the sensorimotor system. YOGISTAR offers the fascia roller in different Sizes and colours.

Massage tools for the Fascia Training

Fascia training in the narrower sense can be complemented by fascia massage. For fascia massage, YOGISTAR offers various simple but effective tools tools. For example, our range includes a special fascia roller with massage tips Massage tips. Also massage balls, which in contrast to small Balls, which are larger and therefore better suited for the fascial structures and are therefore better suited for the fascial structures. The sticks are also worthwhile sticks for fascia massage are also worthwhile: the sticks with individually movable rolling an uncomplicated self-massage. Enjoy a soothing massage as part of your fascia training or afterwards or afterwards, enjoy a soothing self-massage with the formidable massage Massage tools from the YOGISTAR range.

Also good to use for Yin Yoga & fascia training: sandbags and bolsters

In Yin Yoga, the focus is on the passive holding of asanas, i.e. the Postures are not performed with great use of muscular strength, but rather one instead, one lets oneself sink into the postures, using the force of Gravity to get further and deeper into the posture. Bolsters and sandbags can be a good help and support for many exercises Support for many exercises. Sandbags and especially bolsters are often used in Yin Yoga classes Bolsters are often used in Yin Yoga classes and you can also use them when practising at home. You can find sandbags and bolsters for Yin Yoga and fascia training at YOGISTAR under the name "TriYoga Sandbag" or "TriYoga Bolster", because before the advent of Yin Yoga and fascia training, TriYoga was the was the yoga movement in which these aids were used particularly often found use. Like all YOGISTAR equipment, our bolsters and sandbags are of high quality Sandbags are of high quality.

Instructions for Yin Yoga & Fascia Training

There are now many publications on yin yoga and fascia training Publications. As a supplement to a course (or for yogis and yoginis who have already yogis and yoginis who are already practiced in other styles), books and practice Practice DVDs help you to discover yin yoga and fascia training. Especially with Training, it is also interesting to look at the background and learn more about the fascia and learn more about the fascia. Well-prepared materials about Yin Yoga and Fascia Training is offered by YOGISTAR in a large selection. Explore Yin Yoga and fascia training under the guidance of renowned teachers - whenever you have whenever you have time, simply at home. The exercise programmes for Yin yoga and fascia training are fun and show you how to practise in a particularly effective and targeted practice. YOGISTAR is expanding its selection of DVDs dVDs and books to complement our equipment, with exciting new releases new exciting publications.

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