The YOGISTAR equipment offers you yoga straps in various designs.Yoga forks in different lengths and with either plastic or metal buckles can be found in this section Metal buckle can be found in this category.

What is a yoga strap for?

A Yoga strap is always there when distances need to be bridged - e.g. between hands when they cannot grasp each other. The yoga belt can also help you to achieve more precise alignment in the asanas. You can work with the yoga belt when you want to create tension and gradually and gradually move further into a yoga posture. You can even you can even use the yoga belt to optimise shoulder alignment. Also the yoga belt can also be used for stretching.

We recommend that you ask your yoga teacher for individual tips on how to use the yoga belt yoga teacher's individual tips for use, which are adapted to your needs and your practice. Here are some common Here are some common examples to illustrate.

How you can use your yoga belt some examples

  • In Supta Padangushthasana you can wrap the yoga strap around your foot and hold the ends of the strap in your hands Strap in your hands to pull the foot closer to you.
  • In In Rajakapotasana you can wrap the yoga strap around the foot of the leg bent upwards Leg, creating a connection between the hands and foot if you cannot grasp the foot with the hands the foot with your hands.
  • In In Dandasana it is a nice way to wrap the yoga belt around your flexed feet and and work your hands lightly forward on the strap while holding the tension holding the tension.
  • If you cannot bring the hands together behind the back in Gomukhasana, the yoga belt can be used as an extension or link.
  • In Navasana, the boat, you can put the yoga belt around your toes and pull on it with your hands Pull on it with your hands.
  • When adhomukha-Shvanasana, the dog looking down, tie a yoga belt around your arms above the elbows Yoga belt around your arms (or ask your yoga teacher or a yoga partner to do so) and help yoga partner) and press against the resistance of the strap, this will help you to bring your The shoulder blades outwards more. You can also use the Yoga belt in this way.

Already these examples of possible uses for the yoga belt make it clear that the yogabelt is a truly versatile tool that can can enrich your yoga practice in many ways - no matter if you are just starting yoga whether you are just starting yoga or are already an experienced practitioner.

Your favourite yoga belt: long, short, with print?

If you already know YOGISTAR, you probably know that our product range is Variety is the order of the day, because we want to make it possible for all yogis and yoginis to have a yogis and yoginis to find yoga equipment that is almost tailor-made to their Specific requirements and their personal taste. That's why we also offer the yoga belt in different versions Different versions. You can choose between different lengths and also have the from a beautiful range of colours. We also offer the yoga belt as a With a plastic buckle and as a version with a metal D-ring. In addition to the various cotton yoga straps, we now also have a yoga strap made of even a yoga belt made of jute fibre. And for all those who want a special Design, there is the yogibelt in a playful Indian flower look or with an Indian flower look and OM print - always popular and inspiring eye-catchers! Eye-catcher!

The different yoga belts from YOGISTAR at a glance:

  • Yoga belt yogibelt 260P: the classic yoga belt made of cotton with plastic buckle, Length: 260 cm
  • Yoga belt yogibelt 260M: like the above model, but with metal ring
  • Yogagurt yogibelt 210P: the smaller version of the cotton belt with a Plastic buckle, length: 210 cm
  • Yoga belt yogibelt Indian Flower: yoga belt made of cotton with print in an Indian Flower design, buckle: plastic, length: 260 cm
  • Yoga belt yogibelt OM, MB: extra-long belt with OM print and metal D-ring, length: 300 cm
  • Yoga belt 260 MB Jute: yoga belt made of jute bevel with metal D-ring, length: 260 cm

Tried and tested for years: The yoga belt "yogibelt" is a range classic

Yoga belts are yoga belts are not a new trend invention, but have long been established in asana practice. Accordingly, the yoga belt has been part of the YOGISTAR range right from the start YOGISTAR range from the very beginning. Over the years, the yogibelt has been used by countless yogis and yoginis Yogis and yoginis through their asana practice and many have been able to improve their Their asana practice with the help of the yogibelt refine their asana practice. That's why the yogibelt has many loyal fans and is still one of the one of the favourites in the YOGISTAR range.

Questions about your yoga belt

These are some of the questions Customer service frequently about the yoga belt

  • What is the what metal is the D-ring on yogibelts with a metal buckle made of?
    All yogibelts with an M in the name (M for metal buckle or MB for metal bucket) have a metal D-ring for English Metal Bucket), have a chrome D-ring.

  • How robust are the yogibelts? Can they really withstand much?
    The firm cotton fabric of the yoga belt "yogibelt" is resistant and hard-wearing. The same also applies to the jute fibre in our new yogibelt jute" variant. The yogibelt can take a lot - promised!

  • Can i use the yoga belt only in combination with other aids?
    No, you do not need any other yoga accessories to use the yoga belt sensibly. The yoga belt is a completely independent tool and can be used independently of other equipment other equipment (see also the explanations and examples above) Explanations and examples above).

  • I attend yoga classes with a fast vinyasa flow, where no aids are used Are used. Is it worthwhile for me to buy a yoga belt anyway? Even if you don't use a strap in the flow itself, it can still be worthwhile to occasionally to practise the individual postures separately from time to time, using a yoga belt With the help of a yoga belt and to work on the alignment as well as on the The flexibility and strength of certain parts of the body even more efficiently more efficiently.
    The yoga belt is a useful aid for beginners as well as for advanced yogis useful aid for beginners as well as for advanced practitioners. A yoga belt offers a wide range of Possibilities of use. It can facilitate asanas, but also help with the fine-tuning" and, depending on the specific application, it is suitable Depending on the specific application, it is a great gain for beginners as well as for advanced yoga practitioners.

Your Question about the yoga belt is not answered here? Our service team will be with further information! Detailed information on the individual yoga Yoga belts can be found in the product descriptions.

The yoga belt as an element of your Studio equipment

If you are a yoga teacher and use aids in your classes, you can buy the yoga belt from Yoga belt from YOGISTAR in larger quantities for your yoga studio and benefit from the yoga teacher discount. Choose the colours that Colours to match your classrooms and inspire your students with high-quality equipment. We wish you much joy with the yogibelts from YOGISTAR. Enjoy the numerous different ways to use the yogibelts, discover new things and and refine your asana practice! 

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