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Yoga Aktuell 93 - 04/2015

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Yoga practice

Dream yoga
A transformative journey into the world of dreams: what is known today as "lucid dreaming" has a long tradition in Tibet. By Lisa Sintermann.

Asana: Yoga in the evening
Your day was long and exhausting? With our evening yoga sequence you will find peace, relaxation and a restful sleep. By Gabriela Bozic.

Meditation: Recognise the jewel that you are

When we open up to ourselves without reservation, we are richly gifted. Then we discover that we carry a great treasure within us: our core of being, which is like a jewel. By Doris Iding.

Pranayama in the second half of life

The older we get, the more conscious, deepened breathing can contribute to maintaining vitality and health, letting go of the old and consciously opening up to new stages of life. By Willem Wittstamm.

Asana: Ashtavakrasana

From appearance to being: the seemingly difficult posture Ashtavakrasana requires an unbiased approach from us. By Dr Ronald Steiner.

Mantra: Hanuman
The god in monkey form impressively conveys how much strength we can gain through devotion, trust and an open, compassionate heart. From Sundaram.

my music for Yoga & Meditation
All info about the free CD

Anatomy: Tensegrity in Yoga
Tensegrity is a concept that takes into account the dynamic tension and harmonious interplay of forces within a system. This interesting approach is also used in yoga. By Dirk Bennewitz and Andrea Kubasch.

Synchronicity - the play of existence
Why synchronicity permeates the whole of existence and why it is time time that we again tune into the joy of creation of the highest being of the highest Being. By Bhajan Noam.

Masters & Doers
Self-proclaimed spiritual teachers and masters abound. But what makes an authentic master? If it is not the number of References on his website, how can you recognise him? then? By Doris Iding.

Ego, egolessness and individuality

Western psychotherapy emphasises the strengthening of the "I" Eastern spiritual traditions advocate the diametrically opposite approach opposite approach: overcoming the ego. How about the Way of the middle, to let the link between ego and egolessness shine shine: individuality! By Doris Iding.

The Truth of Dharma

Katchie Ananda is appreciated worldwide for her truthfulness. With YOGA AKTUELL about the integration of spiritual insights into the changing spiritual insights into the changing experiences of our lives and about the tantric Tantric interpretation of yoga, which recognises every part of our equal value. Interview: Doris Iding.

Revolution Yoga!

"Yoga is a revolution, and we are all rebels from birth", says vinyasa teacher Octavio Salvado. In an interview with YOGA AKTUELL he talks about courage and humility, about the triumph of love over fear and about the willingness to embrace the unknown. Interview: Nina Schwese

Tantric yoga of non-dualism

Eric Baret is one of the most experienced representatives of non-dualistic Tantric yoga. In YOGA AKTUELL he talks about the art of openness in a field without knowledge knowledge, about the nonsense of fighting inner tensions and about the Tensions and about the human fear of one's own feelings.

Yoga teacher
Organising retreats: How to make it work

We asked experienced professionals what you should definitely not and how to make a holiday an unforgettable experience for your unforgettable experience for your participants. By Melanie Müller.

Yoga off the mat
Good instead of well-intentioned

Yoga opens hearts and revives in many the desire to help. YOGA AKTUELL spoke to Gaby Haiber, Senior Leader of "Off the Mat, Into the World®", about important aspects of yoga World®, about important steps on the way to a social project talked about. Interview: Melanie Müller.


Sexuality is overlaid by numerous concepts and ideas, that are an obstacle to true intimacy. How can we achieve to a natural sexuality that is nourished by our true self? Self? By Cameron Shayne.

The Sunny Healing Power of Lemon
A gift from Mediterranean sun gardens: How the lemon brings us vitality in many ways. By Irene Dalichow.

Beyond sleep
Sleep is a great mystery. Does it only serve to rest, or can it be used for spiritual development? By Joe Romanski.

The spine and its healthy resilience

If we want to bring the spine into a healthy erection, it is not only a matter of not only about understanding anatomical principles. Also the Human being's power of interest is also closely related to its its inner axis. By Rita Egger.

The new ice age

For a long time, vegans had to do without creamy ice cream. But then Cecilia Havmöller and Susanna Paller decided to change that. YOGA AKTUELL the two have revealed the secrets of making vegan ice cream of making vegan ice cream. Interview: Melanie Müller.

Openness, wholeness and primal trust

Barbra Noh is an Anusara yoga teacher with a worldwide reputation. In YOGA AKTUELL she talks about yoga as a way to face life with more openness and trust more open and trusting, about the holistic system of ThaiVedic Yoga and about self-acceptance instead of self-judgment. Interview: Nina Haisken.

Dates, trends and news
News from the world of yoga

Music & Sound
Finding primal trust in sound

Sounds have a healing effect on deep layers of our body and soul And our soul. Emily and Peter Hess have been researching the power of the Bowls for many years and work with a special form of massage of massage. By Doris Iding.

Dancing with the stars

Since man has been walking upright, he has also been dancing. Through rhythm and Movement we come into contact with our inner wisdom and with the Cosmos. One form of creating this ritual is that of Trance Dance according to Frank Natale. By Melanie Müller.

Where Ayurveda is at home

Magical nature, the healing tradition of Ayurveda and road trips with yoga: tips for a trip to Kerala. By Julia Johannsen.

The Kelto-Germanic Wheel of Time
Part 6: Of corn demons, women's thirties and Wodel beer

Festivals and customs in late summer. By Friedrich and Irene Rehrnbeck.

YOGA-AKTUELL readers worldwide

YOGA-AKTUELL reader Sofie Reif has moved her yoga practice to the cool wet

Short portrait

This time: Deva Premal

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