Yoga mat yogimat® ultra grip pro - black

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PU yoga mat that becomes even more slip resistant when exposed to moisture - ideal for hot yoga.

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For all those who like it hot: The yogimat ultra grip pro is especially recommended for hot yoga and for other styles in which a lot of sweating takes place, because under the influence of moisture it gains even more slip resistance. Where other mats come to their limits, this quality mat made of PU and rubber really runs to top form!

The yoga mat that proves itself when it gets sweaty!
You like to practice dynamically and demanding, so that the sweat flows? Or you are a hot yogi and sweating is part of every yoga session anyway? Then you are probably looking for a mat that does not become slippery under the influence of moisture. We even have an improvement for you! With the yogimat ultra grip pro we can offer you a yoga mat that even gains in slip resistance when it gets wet. In other words, the more you sweat, the more non-slip your mat becomes! Isn't that pretty awesome?

What properties does your yogimat ultra grip pro yoga mat show in practice?
As I said before, this mat won't let you down. The wetter it gets, the more grip it gets. The yogamat yogimat ultra grip pro is also abrasion-resistant and robust, which means it is very durable.
By the way: If you want to transport your yogimat ultra grip pro comfortably to the studio in a suitable yoga mat bag, you will of course find various bag models for this yoga mat in our range. These are e.g. the yogibag basic and all its variants or special editions as well as the yogibag style. You can also find other useful accessories for your yoga mat such as the carry straps for fixing it in our assortment.

What material does this yoga mat have?
This non-slip mat consists of a PU layer (the PU material comes from European production) and a layer that is a mix of natural and synthetic rubber. This special combination of materials has proven to be particularly beneficial. The deep black of this yoga mat is the natural color of the material.

Of course, the yogimat ultra grip pro yoga mat is certified and environmentally sustainable:

  • free of chemicals, allergens and harmful substances
  • certified according to OEKO-TEX® 100, class 1, the highest standard (harmlessness in contact with skin according to the baby products standard)

Washing recommendations for your yogimat pro ultra grip yoga mat
The yogimat ultra grip pro is not suitable for the washing machine, but can be wiped with a damp cloth. We recommend cleaning with a natural mat cleaner, which can be used to spray and hygienically clean the surface of the yoga mat.

Dimensions and weight of your yogamat pro ultra grip
The dimensions of the yogimat ultra grip pro are 4.5mm x 65 x 200 cm, the weight is
2,05 kg. Thus, in the yogimat pro ultra grip you have a yoga mat with a pleasantly generous length and with good thickness or padding at the same time relatively low weight.

  In cooperation with "Trees for the Future" we plant a tree for every Yogistar yoga mat sold.

What makes YOGISTAR so popular with so many yoginis and yogis?

  • YOGISTAR is the competent specialist in yoga equipment and relies on many years of experience as well as a genuine love for the yoga practice.
  • Natural materials play an important role at YOGISTAR and make up a large part of the range.
  • YOGISTAR is committed to charity projects and is aware of its social responsibility - because "Yoga off the Mat" also counts.

FAQs: The most frequently asked questions about your new yogimat ultra grip pro yoga mat:

  • For which yoga styles is a yoga mat that becomes even more slip-resistant when wet suitable?
    A yoga mat that gains grip when moisture comes into play is particularly suitable for all those yoga styles that involve a lot of sweating. This applies to all those asana styles that are physically demanding (e.g. dynamic flow styles, but also those in which powerful asanas are held for long periods of time), as well as hot yoga, of course. For practitioners who generally tend to have sweaty hands, such a mat can also be useful for calmer styles of practice.
  • Do I need an additional towel for the non-slip PU yoga mat?
    Since the yoga mat of this type develops even more grip when exposed to sweat, an additional towel as a support is not necessary. Extra toweling is only needed if the mat's own slip resistance is no longer sufficient, which is very unlikely with this model due to its special properties.
  • In which bags will my new yogamat yogimat natural fit?
    yogibag basic zip cotton big, yogabag basic zip cotton big plus 73 cm, yogatrageband carry strap, hook & loop
  • How to clean a yoga mat that is not machine washable?
    A good remedy for cleaning non-machine
Entire description
Suitable bag
Yogibag basic zip cotton big; yoga bag basic zip cotton big plus 73 cm, yoga strap carrying strap, velcro closure
20% PU (top side), 80% natural/synthetic rubber mix (bottom side)
For studios
Conditionally suitable
2 kg
200 cm
65 cm
0.45 cm
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