Yoga mat yogimat® plus

The popular standard model with increased length and thickness

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What makes the yogimat plus yoga mat stand out?

  • This mat has an extra length. Take all the space you need!
  • The yogimat plus cushions you as if you were a feather: with a thickness of 5mm, it is simply wonderfully soft it is simply wonderfully soft.
  • This popular classic model reliably insulates against the cold.

Of course, the yogimat plus yoga mat is certified:

  • Certified according to OEKO-TEX® 100, class 1, the highest standard (harmlessness in contact with skin according to the baby products standard)
    Certified by Oeko-Tex, the yoga mat plus in kiwi, aubergine, Royal Blue, Zen Black
  • Free from chemicals, allergens and harmful substances

Learn about the yogimat plus yoga mat in detail:

The yogimat plus scores points for its comfortable length, which gives you more room to manoeuvre than you might than you might know from other yoga mats. So you can enjoy a lot of freedom of movement in your yoga practice freedom of movement in your yoga practice. Not only does the length of the yogimat plus offers more, but also the thickness of 5 mm, which makes the mat mat is particularly soft, well insulated and has excellent cushioning properties And has excellent cushioning properties. For you, this means comfortable cushioning and reliable protection against cold floors

But of course, the dimensions are not the only plus point of this popular mat model Mat model. The yogimat plus yoga mat has a tried and tested Slip resistance, a matter of course for all YOGISTAR yoga mats. Also typical for YOGISTAR: the equally large and beautiful colour selection! Discover trendy colours ranging from soft pastel shades to brighter tones and, of course, your favourite colours And, of course, your favourite colours

The yogimat plus yoga mat uses a softener that is also approved for use in foodstuffs Approved for use in food. You can therefore fully enjoy the supple material of this yoga mat Yogamat without any worries. The yogimat plus is soft and yet yet so robust: you will enjoy this model for a long time and can even wash it even wash it.

The yogimat plus yoga mat is a popular choice for yogis and yoginis who want a long-lasting yogis and yoginis who are looking for a durable, inexpensive and uncomplicated standard model a little more length. One of the reasons why the yogimat plus is uncomplicated is that because, as already mentioned, it is so easy to clean: You if necessary, you can put it in the washing machine and wash it at 30 degrees with a mild detergent At 30 degrees with a mild detergent (see our cleaning instructions) see our cleaning instructions). Rolling and folding is also no problem with this This yoga mat will not be damaged in any way by rolling or folding

The yogimat plus yoga mat is, so to speak, an upgrade of the popular Basic mat yogimat plus is an upgrade of the popular Basic mat, and is not only to conferences, festivals, conventions or full courses, because with a longer mat because with a longer yoga mat you automatically have a bit more space and therefore a bit more a little more space and thus a little more freedom of movement (a small, but fine (a small but nice trick when the mats are tightly packed again!) Treat yourself to an upgrade and call the yogimat plus yoga mat with its yogimat plus with its great comfort in one of the many beautiful colours!

What is it that makes makes YOGISTAR so popular with so many yoginis and yogis?

  • YOGISTAR is the expert for yoga equipment and attaches great importance to quality, Functionality as well as beautiful design.
  • Variety is a top priority at YOGISTAR: For every yoga style and every taste Taste, you will always find the right thing.
  • Also the fast, competent and friendly service is always highly praised.

FAQs: The most frequently asked questions about your new yogimat plus yoga mat

  • Can I wash the yogimat plus yoga mat? If so, how?
    We recommend washing the mat either by hand with cold water or in the Machine at a maximum of 30 degrees with a mild detergent. Please do not spin dry and do not use fabric softener. Then wrap the mat in a thick wrap the mat in a thick terry towel and squeeze out the water. Finally, hang the mat to dry Finally, hang up the mat to dry.
  • What are the dimensions?
    195cm x 61cm x 5mm

Entire description

For studios
Slip resistance
Suitable for allergic
Very good
Suitable bag
Yogibag Basic - zip - 65 cm; Yogibag style - zip - 69 cm
1.5 kg
195 cm
61 cm
0.5 cm
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Antonia writes:
I have ordered for the first time and am really thrilled. First of all, thank you for the super fast delivery! The yoga mat in the colour mango is so beautiful and feels really nice. It is quite heavy and so it stays firmly on the floor. Despite being rolled up for a long time, it lies nice and flat on the floor. The extra length is excellent. I am very happy with my products and will definitely order again. :)
Marie Theres writes:
These mats have a top price-performance ratio and are long-lasting in the classroom, can often be washed at 30 degrees in the machine. For stubborn stains, do not wash with washing powder but soda.
The quiet Kiwi colour is also suitable for outdoor use as stains are less noticeable.
For top slip resistance, go for the more expensive Yogimat Pro.
Gabi writes:
Very good. Price-performance fits
Alex writes:
Super mat, good quality. Well suited for tall people.
Melanie writes:
Fast delivery and good quality. Yoga mat smells for a few days, then everything OK.
Elisabeth writes:
Thank you very much for the fast delivery.the mat is PRIMA!!!!
Janni writes:
I am very satisfied with the quality. I find the thickness of 6 mm super. it is in constant use and meets my expectations. I would order them again. The customer contact was also friendly and uncomplicated.
Martina writes:
I am super happy with the mat, it is exactly as expected. I took the longer one so that my boyfriend could use it too.
The delivery was also fast! Thank you
Aniela writes:
Shipping was fast & hassle free.
Colour & length/size perfect!
When I unpacked the mat, it smelled a bit... after 2 days of airing out, the smell subsided. I actually had better ideas about the slip resistance. As soon as you do barefoot sports, it can happen that you lose your grip from time to time. All in all, a good price-performance ratio.
gabi writes:
I have owned this yoga mat for 3 years and am very satisfied.
I love the quality and colour.
It is easy to roll up and lies smoothly on the floor when unrolled.
I would like to give this mat as a gift and I hope that my girlfriend
will also be very satisfied with this mat.
I also have nothing but praise for the processing. Everything went very quickly.
Thank you.
Teodora writes:
I am very satisfied with the yoga is soft and yet stable.the delivery was very fast!!I am thrilled, I will highly recommend the shop!1
Helena writes:
The mat is very good, non-slip, pleasant material, unrolls quickly and gives a good grip during the exercises due to the structure of the mat. The colour is also very nice :) The shipping went quickly and without any problems.
It is a pity that there is no combination with a cover or bag for the mat, as these are quite expensive.
Daniela writes:
This is not my first mat from you! I use my Basic XXL at home because it is really wide. That's why I bought this one for the studio! Fast delivery and top quality as usual!
Uta writes:
The yoga mat is wonderful, I am glad that it is without harmful substances. I put it outside for two nights. The smell is gone. The delivery was also good.
Birgit writes:
I am very satisfied with the quality of the yoga mat as well as with the customer service. They were very responsive to my special requests and I am more than satisfied! Thank you very much!
Chris writes:
Thank you very much! Everything went smoothly, both the order and the shipping.
The mat looks good, feels good and is almost completely odourless. I don't slip on the mat barefoot and find it very skin-friendly. The pack size is also nice and compact. Fits!
Tatiana writes:
Great, the mat is huge - I'm glad I bought the bigger version. It also doesn't smell unpleasant. I am thrilled! Great value for money!
Judith writes:
I am completely satisfied: There is a large selection of yoga mats in the shop, all with good descriptions of their properties. The customer reviews also help. As far as my own mat is concerned, it's great: non-slip, pleasant to the touch thanks to the nubby surface and a beautiful colour. I also liked the fact that the mat doesn't bulge upwards for a long time when you unroll it, and that after rolling it up for storage it almost holds itself and you don't need any tape to keep the roll in shape.
And now for the processing: The whole thing happened quickly and completely uncomplicated, and the mat was with me in a flash. The SHOP really deserves the five stars!
Eva writes:
Thank you, order 1A, fast delivery and super goods.

Kind regards
Irina writes:
The order and shipping were very quick.
Unfortunately, my hands and feet slip a lot as soon as they are a bit sweaty.
I have now washed the mat and rubbed it vigorously with a sponge, I hope it will be better now!
It is odourless and the pack size is also good.
Silvia writes:
Shipping was very fast....Size is great. Unfortunately, the mat smelled a lot, which only improved after washing it twice. The slip resistance also improved after that, but I still don't have an optimal grip......
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