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Extremely skid-proof and eco-friendly yoga mat for exceptionally high requirements. No polyvinyl chloride and no rubber, recyclable with zero odour.

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This yoga mat comprises of quite recently developed and patented TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) foam, a material that is advantageous in all aspects. It is eco-friendly and slip-resistant at the same time, hygienic and hypo-allergenic.

An eco-friendly innovation, the 'Pro' yogimat is organically decomposable and recyclable.
The eco-friendliness of yogimat 'Pro' already starts with manufacturing, where the by-products are recycled to save resources. The mat itself can also be recycled. It blends harmoniously with the cycle of nature: When exposed to heat and pressure (e.g. in case of landfills), the TPE cells decompose over time and only non-toxic water and elements that evaporate in the air are left over.

Slip-resistant with maximum grip
There must be some kind of catch? Wrong!  Yogimat 'Pro' is also way ahead when it comes to having a firm grip! The specially designed cellular structure provides for an extremely reliable skid resistance and gives you stability in all asanas.

The "Look" is also perfect
You need not lower your sights when it comes to appearance: With great colours and its remarkable surface finish, yogimat 'Pro' is a real eye-catcher. Irrespective of whether you want the wine red side or the pink side, both have their very own patterns and boast an especially attractive design. Environmentally friendly AND good-looking! Another plus point: Yogimat 'Pro' is extremely pleasant to the touch.

Extra hygiene
Quite practical: Yogimat 'Pro' is easy to clean and maintain as its thick cellular structure prevents absorption of sweat or other liquids.

Also suitable for allergy sufferers
The material of yogimat 'Pro' is hypo-allergenic. The mat contains neither polyvinyl chloride, nor latex or caoutchouc and other such substances. Hence, it is best suited for people suffering from allergies.

: 183 cm x 61 cm x 5 mm.
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For studios
Conditionally suitable
Suitable for allergic
Slip resistance
Very good
100% TPE
Suitable bag
Yogibag basic zip up to 65 cm, Yogibag style zip up to 69 cm & Yogibag active
1.275 kg
183 cm
61 cm
0.6 cm
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Anne writes:
Fulfils everything I want from a yoga mat: it is light, super-slip-resistant and easy to clean. It has a good grip even for more demanding asanas. I would buy it again immediately.
Heidi writes:
Good non-slip mat, does not smell. Everything okay, maybe a bit too expensive
Stefanie writes:
Super yoga mat, very light and pleasantly soft (e.g. when standing on the head). Beautiful colours.
1 star deduction, as it offers too little grip for my hands during certain asanas (I have very sweaty hands and always slipped away during dog walking - I now use the Yogimat ultra grip)

All in all, I think the Yogistar Pro is a very good mat with great value for money.
Uwe writes:
Very good mat! Visually beautiful, pleasant material.
Nadine writes:
This mat is really great. You don't slip and it doesn't smell funny. Gladly again.
Sabrina writes:
First impression is very appealing,

- super padding
- the mat feels good and it is easy to train and lie on it
whether for Hatha or Yin Yoga
- Adhesion is acceptable, good compromise between grip and glide (I personally don't want to get stuck on a mat)
- for the comfort - thickness very light and easy to handle

the only negative is the smell, which should disappear after 2 days. Therefore, it has to air a bit before it can be used in the studio.
A slightly larger form of the mat - 1m wide would be great, especially for YinYoga positions.
Mona writes:
I am very satisfied with the mat. It doesn't slip, doesn't smell after 2 days of airing and any stains can be easily wiped off. The colour and length are very pleasant.
Beate writes:
I have tried 2 mats before and returned them. This one is great! It is the right size, easy to transport, does not slip. Everything is fine!
Manuela writes:
I am very satisfied with the yoga mat after using it several times. It is pleasantly thick, feels very good when lying, sitting and standing during the exercises. It is non-slip, has no unpleasant smell and the colour is exactly as described. Processing and delivery were top. Thank you!
Claudia writes:
The mat is great, the smell is not unpleasant and will surely disappear soon.
Annette writes:
Colour is as pictured. Very comfortable 6 mm , also has no unpleasant smell and the length fits perfectly for a body height of 163 cm. Now I too know that you can rest in the dog looking down as you don't slide?
Jutta writes:
Pleasant mat that is thick enough that nothing pinches and also has no unpleasant smell. I had previously ordered the natural rubber mat, which smelled quite strong and was too sticky and thin for me personally. It now has another use ;)
Andrea writes:
pleasant material, has a slight odour that disappears after a short airing, just the right thickness/width/length
Radoslava writes:
Aubergine ?????????? very beautiful
Isabel writes:
Very nice mat, absolutely non-slip. Great material.
Barbara writes:
My first yoga mat, I am very happy with it. Absolutely non-slip, thick enough and very comfortable.
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