YOGISTAR Charity: Gaiatreeschool Association

YOGISTAR supports the Gaiatreeschool Association in yoga projects in India

In 2019, we have started to support the Indian Gaiatreeschool Foundation in their educational development cooperation in Odisha, in the east of India.

With this first cooperation, we are supporting the organisation and implementation of two yoga camps at schools in the Cuttack region, as well as a "Yoga Instructor" training for the local teaching staff. In addition, YOGISTAR is financially supporting the association in equipping yoga rooms at two village schools in Bahalapada and Tailipada in Odisha.

In Germany, the Indian foundation is represented by the association Gaiatreeschool e.V., whose declared main purpose is to promote and spread yoga. Our contact person is the educator, yoga and meditation teacher Mike Narada Wohne. Since 2010, he and his wife have been running yoga camps at schools and in villages in the Balangier District in West Indisha and throughout India with the Gaiatreeschool Foundation.

Since 2014, they have also been supporting the young Indian Shashi on her way to becoming a teacher. As an on-site supervisor, she runs the yoga camps at the schools. After her university graduation, which is due in a few years, she will take over the fate of the foundation in India.

We will of course keep you informed about the progress of the yoga camps and all further developments!

You can find out more about the association and its aid projects here:

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