YOGISTAR Charity: PROJECT moment.mal e.V.

YOGISTAR joins forces with moment.mal e.V. to help children in difficult circumstances.

The Berlin-based association moment.mal has the vision of making yoga accessible to all children, regardless of social background or financial means. For this reason, the association works together with social and governmental institutions to implement social yoga projects for children on site.

We think this is good! With our donation, we support moment.mal e.V. in a project that addresses the situation during the pandemic.

YOGISTAR packs "courage suitcase" for socially disadvantaged children

In this challenging time, which is an enormous psychological burden especially for socially and financially disadvantaged children and families, the association relies on a project outside the normal classroom to support the children on this path: Together with moment.mal e.V., we pack "Courage Suitcases" that are made available to selected social institutions in Berlin. In addition to relaxation materials such as yoga mats, cushions and gratitude diaries, these also contain specially produced children's yoga videos in different languages, which are intended to strengthen the children's self-confidence and resilience.

The association also makes all videos available free of charge on its website and YouTube channel in order to reach as many children and families as possible, even outside the participating institutions.

More information about the non-profit organisation and access to the children's yoga videos can be found here: www.moment-mal.org

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