YOGISTAR Charity: YOGISTAR supports children and youth work in Sri Lanka

YOGISTAR supports Azurkind e.V. in its work with children and young people in Sri Lanka

Azurkind e.V. supports the kindergarten of the UNESCO Village in the west of Sri Lanka. With our donation, 70 children can continue to be well looked after there for the next few months, including salaries for four kindergarten teachers, a cook, a hot lunch free of charge for the parents and maintenance measures.

The UNESCO Village was built by Elfriede Süß shortly after the tsunami in 2004 with the help of a Buddhist monk and, above all, with her own hands. In addition to the kindergarten, the UNESCO Village also has a school, an orphanage, a medical care centre and training centres, which are kept running by donations like ours. There, young people are trained as metal workers, car mechanics, carpenters, tailors, cooks, bakers and electricians.

Azurkind e.V. supports this and other projects in Sri Lanka mainly through yoga courses in Germany: the income from the courses goes directly to Sri Lanka, where a large community centre is being built, which served as a shelter for people who had lost their homes during the severe storms in 2016. Azurkind e.V. supports Elfriede Süß's overall project in Sri Lanka, which has already enabled numerous young people to undergo vocational training, but which also supports widows with children and orphans, for example.

You can find more information here: www.azurkind.de

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