YOGISTAR Charity: YOGISTAR plants trees in Thailand

Promoting seminal climate work with tree plantings

YOGISTAR supports the Mindfulness Project in Khon Kaen province in the Northeast region of Thailand in their efforts to reforest. 200 trees have already been planted there in loving and caring manual labour on our behalf.

At the organisation's learning centre in Muang Wan, participants not only learn in a practical way how to construct sustainable buildings from natural stone and clay, plant permaculture gardens, reforest the forest, use and install alternative energy sources and much more, but also practice meditation, mindfulness and yoga. For the organisation's primary goals also include designing future-oriented living realities and active climate protection as well as relearning how to live together in the community in a sustainable, peaceful way that conserves resources.

Around 70 volunteers from all over the world are currently working for the Mindfulness Project every month. They plant trees and banana trees, build mud houses and install alternative energy systems for the rural population. But they also continue their education in areas such as non-violent communication, yoga, psychology or permaculture. The German founders Christian and Anja Carow and the association's board member, the Thai Buddhist monk Dr Ajahn Somchai, are convinced that community is based on communication and ethical principles. The construction of a yoga hall made of clay is planned for 2020. We also want to support this project financially - more information will follow.

You can find out more about the project here: www.mindfulness-project.org

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